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We can’t be airy-fairy and lovey dovey twenty four seven. Thats not life. It’s not the real world. I recall trying to help a homeless friend through my church, genuinely and talked to the head of the music ministry. She explained to me – you are really nice and you are so trusting. I was not listening at the time.

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Recently, again – went to sing, in another church, and the head of the graphics dept, said the same thing, in other words. You can be cute, but you have to be tough! Then, it started to unfold. Still, I yearn for the good in people but –

Just because people play nice, does not mean they are nice peeps. It’s the oldest trick in the book. Welcome to PR (Pure Rubbish) ..’ Actually, it’s revealing and profound, to meet people, who are, genuinely-confidently; bad, walking in their truths.

At least – you know what you are getting. They’ve come as they are, having, nothing to hide. I don’t dwell on it. However, I take great notes. Thats the dichotomy of life ..’

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I had no idea how many guns were waiting to be fired the day, I rolled out of my mothers womb. If I did – I would have ran to Jesus a long time ago and never looked back !!! This may sound weird to no faith people, but for me, Jesus is one classy role model that’s matchless.

#KissMeBabyEp - Out Now -

‘Kiss Me Baby – EP :: Anthony Everest ::
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When he preached about forgiveness 70 x 7 a day, I later discovered the wisdom behind it. It’s not that you are a fool, or be a door mat, as much as, not becoming sterile; or closed off, to the chances; of meeting-attacting other beautiful souls into your life. The wisdom is – to ignore them for the larger part – so you don’t get depressed. #MercyfulGrace

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