MercyfulGrace Diaries with ‘Bad Religion’ – And The Institution (Part 2) by Aremuorin

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“You can go to church, or the temple to pray, till you are blue, in the face, it does not mean, you will see God”.  – Anthony Everest  

You can go to church, or the temple to pray, till you are blue, in the face, it does not mean, you will see God. His love, is amazing, and graceful, upon which you have no monopoly on.

The brain washing, and conditioning is critically alarming; in some extreme cases. Some Christians are just as grotesque as some extremis islamic radicals. Saddens my pity with sorrow, beyond any morrow. #HaveYouForgotten #BadReligion #WhoAmIToJudge.

They bully, harass, and vilify folks in the name of God. Why? God did not send you to do that. It’s Heart-breaking! I say to them – Hey religious fanatics. Am not a slave. Am a Child of God, he calls me ‘MY SON’ when he speaks to me. My GRACES come from him. Am not a saint, and neither are you. No one is. So, stop your delusions and become more relevant, with real people, with real, everyday challenges or obstacles in life. #MercyfulGrace

There are good, organised religions, out there, no doubt, but I tread carefully – who I let in, or open up to. These people are sick in large doses, desperately needing, some sort of shrink, to psycho analyse them, into sensibility – again – for real. Wannabe – unqualified shrinks, delving into other people’s psyche, with voodoo-like-aggression, en wrapped in fearful, intimidating – bad religion! Perfect loves casts out – all fear! Never seen any thing, gross; like it. They don’t own God, nor do they own love*.  I rather run around naked than – give them the time of my day.

The naive, weak and vulnerable get sucked into their deceitful entrapment. God help you. Can you then blame, people who don’t want to go near – any religion? What happened to Love, Compassion and Humanities. You don’t, in fact, need ‘a religion’ – to grasp, the last three, well. Which is where they lose their stances with ‘Agnostics and atheists’. For, if they can do these things, exceedingly well, why do they need you, or your religion? A, thoughtless-loveless, bias and useless religion (to some)!

The catholic church for instance is not only violently homophobic, its violently hypocritical. While it preaches tolerance, it harbours many repressed nuns and priests, sexually active behind closed doors. They have historically been documented to be known for abusing vulnerable subjects in their care.  #HaveYouForgotten #BadReligion #WhoAmIToJudge

I really don’t care what you do with your private life – but I would pray it reflects – Love*.  Yes, Jesus did say  – ‘Go Sin No More’ – but he also said, you without sin ‘Cast the first stone’ ..’

I thank my lucky stars, my faith, is in-tact, and I’m immovable. Having a personal relationship, with the almighty. Relief!. You only need to read Leviticus to get the picture, that these – hypocrites, need, to take a seat, and stare into the mirror – looking at their own reflection, critically; if they are, so bothered about what other people get up to, in their personal lives. I got the HOLY SPIRIT on speed dial. It’s the best wi-fi service I’ll (you’ll) ever need. Don’t try me!

Any man, who says he has no sin, lies, for that is a sin, in itself. Question is, who are we to judge? Mercy is the name of Jesus. #MercyfulGrace

Lets go through some now – religious-fanatics, then look them up in leviticus!

  1. Pork – I bet they had some chinese food lately
  2. Fornication / adultery – Just the thought alone – incriminates you by Gods Law.
  3. Sex outside marriage, and pre marital sex – that includes all forms of sexual relations – gay or straight
  4. Lying with your spouse during the time of the month. You shouldn’t even be in the same bed.
  5. Forgiveness 70 x 7 a day – I wonder who has achieved that
  6. Swearing by the name of God ..’
  7. Tattoos. Oh Lord – Have Mercy on all.

We can do this all day ..’


To Be Continued ..’ #MercyfulGrace

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