MercyfulGrace Diaries with ‘Bad Religion’ – And The Institution (Part 1) by Aremuorin

Bad Religion -

The love of Jesus set me free – let no demons tell lies on me ..’ Anthony Everest

“The catholic church for instance is not only violently homophobic, its violently hypocritical. While it preaches tolerance, it harbours many repressed nuns and priests, sexually active behind closed doors. They have historically been documented to be known for abusing vulnerable subjects in their care”.  #HaveYouForgotten #BadReligion #WhoAmIToJudge #MercyfulGrace

Cringe worthy, to note – when you meet, religious fanatics, denoting all others, as – imperfect, save them. For Christ, even, lamented, that, the tax collectors; and the harlots, will enter the kingdom, of God, first. Why!  His mercy. God Is Love and love always wins ..’  #MercyfulGrace

While I find the bible, like most religious texts, as a library source, for sacred knowledge and wisdom, I still, insist, I don’t need the Pope to find God, for the Bible (for example), is not the complete revelation of God. Without the revelation of God, those texts have been nothing but propaganda. A tool, to abuse vulnerable people, with, as much as its; elevated, some with hope. If you break one law of God, you’ve broken all of them, as far as I am concerned. - Bad Religion (Part 1)

So, you need to focus on the ones you have broken. Fix those – first, before playing God. In other words – sweep around your own front door before you sweep around mine. Folks need to relax, get a life, and focus on how to live in harmony. How about the ten commandments for starters? Concentrate on those. Am I trying to start a new religion here? No. I’m just shedding some light on the hypocrisy surrounding my faith.

I have for once, never been a fan of religion or religious fanatics. Don’t get me wrong. There is good religion and bad religion – but the dampen, has been put on all forms of organised religions, for me. So much, there’s a sour taste, left on my bud. Hard, to know whom to trust. It’s like a bunch of hypocrisy and heresy, rolled into one. You wonder what religious texts, they read, and what kind of salvation they’ve received, or whom, they received it from – to warrant such harassment of others in the name of God. The last time I checked – God Is still Love*. - KissMeBaby (Reloaded) Out 140215

The love of God Set Me Free – Let No Demons Tell Lies on Me. You’d be surprised, the more some folks, indoctrinate themselves, with their versions of grandeur delusions, ‘called religion’ – the more, intolerant, and hateful they become. Condemning and judging. Holding people accountable, to standards; they don’t even, ever, live up to. They even call themselves saints. Some will call themselves slaves. Laughable heresy! Seriously, stop!

I honestly don’t know why I’m fascinated with religion. Maybe because I grew up around it, and it shocked me, how it was; and still is, fuelled with hypocrisy from head to toe. Just like Jesus, when he said to the rich man, who thought, he was just and perfect – by obeying all the  laws of God, to go and sell all his worldly possessions, then give them, to the poor, which bittered his soul with thorough abject sorrow.

Jesus answered, “If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.” Mathew 19:21

So it is, when Jesus said; it would be easier for a camel to enter through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God – that was one litigation, I dare the greatest barrister, known to man, to challenge. That man was one class act – when he revealed himself – as the Son of God. The first and the last to everything.  #MercyfulGrace #SitMeDownAgain #InSilence

To Be Continued ..’


Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest is a Jazz, Soul-R&B Award Winning Indie Singer-Songwriter, Author, Producer & 7X Multi Award Nominee :: No1, 49+ Weeks, Jazz Charts ::

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