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I uncovered one ugly truth today while I was ironing my pants. It humbled me, and made me groan, and groan, and groan again. Then, I sent it to myself, as a text as a reminder ..’ – Anthony Everest

I keep telling my friends about Jesus – they think it’s a joke ..’ I went to church once, and they told me, something was wrong with me. ‘You look too much like a girl. There must be something wrong’.
Alright then, I’m thinking – go and tell God – who made me that way, that something is wrong with him. Fools! And predictably, that came from a black folk.
Then, the harassment started. It was vile. Horiffic. I nearly lost my faith. I was like, if this is what God is like in Church – I don’t think this is what I signed up for.
They lied, and lied, and lied, and told more lies – things, I’d could never imagine, doing, in a million years – they said – I did all those, things.
Later in conversations, some of my musician, friends came to tell me – that they heard these things, said about me, but they knew it was not true, which is why, they said nothing, to me.
I’m so over, and done with religion. If you don’t like what you see – good bye. Aside. I give them one thing thou. One of the leaders, in that church,  called me, and invited me for lunch one Sunday, and apologised, whole heartedly, but not before – he did the, very same thing, they did – during that lunch.
I guess, he was subdued, when he saw the light, and realised, it was not true, that I was just different when he repeated their vicious vile. It’s amazing how negative people get influenced by mis information. The Holy Spirit took over – prompted me, and I said, nothing. Then he’s face lit up.
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This guy reminded me of my childhood, when Deeper Life – ministers used to come, and harass me, as a child, at home, in Nigeria, to kneel down, forcefully, to pray for me. They even used force, aggression and violence, sometimes – to get their way. It was scary, almost mentally, scarring, for life – until I met the real Jesus.
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They actually – told me to dump the, Jesus, they gave me – in my church, that their’s – is the real Jesus, and now, I am definitely saved – after their, prayers. This is why I know religious folks inside out. My step dad is a muslim, and my father, a reverend. There’s nothing about – these people, I don’t know, from A – Z, at their worst and best.
This episode, repeated, again – in a different, but similar scenario, in London, recently – on a Gospel Tour, I signed up to. This lady, (Aka Prayer Warrior), got upset and nasty with me, directing – some condescending, remarks at me – cuz, I refused, to let her pray, for me.
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She did not leave me alone – until she finished. She prayed in tongues and all. It was a joke. I mean how can you – insult, attack, and pray for someone, at the same time? But guess what, nothings changed. I’m still unique, fabulous, and the same! I looked at her from-afar, afterwards – with a smirk on my face – as she basked in her foolish – wise.
Apart from, God – Jesus and the Holy Spirit, that I commune with, the rest of them, can take a hike. Personally, I’m interested in lovers of all kinds. Lovers of truths! I’m unique – doesn’t mean – it’s a crime. However, I choose, to orientate – myself – is my choice. Next!
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I’ve said it, many times. I don’t need the Pope, to find God. He’s every where. He is love. If your religion has no Love, then, I don’t want, no part in it ..’ God, Is Love*.
The love of Jesus set me free. Let no demons, tell lies on me. To be honest, some of these people, just need to go out more. I tell you, some of them are the worst behind closed doors.
Time to reflect this light on me ..’
The end!
Why chase, stars too far, when you can – bask in the glory of the sun, underneath, the same sky ..’ Maybe, I should take my own advice – Anthony Everest 
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Notes – Please send this to someone you (may) know, who may-be going through this. It may help them, make better choices. Darkness can never be friends with light! A loveless religion – Is a Godless religion.
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Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest is a Jazz, Soul-R&B Award Winning Indie Singer-Songwriter, Author, Producer & 7X multi award nominee :: No1, 49+ Weeks, Jazz Charts ::

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