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Alexandra Burke -

I’m unafraid to open my soul to another, amazing soul; regardless of their status, gender, colour or creed. That’s what Love would do.

This is one of my oldest friends, to date; that I’ve known. She explained something to me on Xmas day, in 2012 ; when she invited me to spend Xmas with her – about Love! How, to love, your enemies. It’s deep! If this is what love would do.

I hope it is true ..’

So I wrote these few lines – retrospectively!


Unafraid To Love’

My love is full of loving and thanksgivings

With no bitter feelings.

For you, I’ve given an open door,

To an out pour of more and more

I often lead, with my heart

When, I should lead with my head.

But my heart, often, leads me to you

You frighten me,

Because you are the truth.

You move words from the heart

And place them, on my lips.

Free to fall. Freed from all

Now I know, all over again.

 What love can do

Predictably, there can only be bullshit,

Above the love of God!

Now, what would love do?

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