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Conor Coughlan ‬-

Thank you for giving us your first interview in the UK. High Praises indeed. First fruits ..’ Thank you Conor ..’

  1. What’s the feel of the Album :: ‘Acoustic Rock /Rootsy. Nothing Fancy! Raw’.

  2. Who are the writers :: ‘I wrote all and my favorite track is “Give it up’’’.

  3. What inspires you :: Anything. I like chilling, with tea and untitled theme’s. Then, process the meaning, a month later.

  4. Are you spiritual and do you believe in God :: Read on religion and embrace them (Bible). Happy to. Don’t think I need it (God).

  5. Learning from Daddy :: Dad is a musician and I learn from him. He introduced me to Neil Young.

  6. When did you start music? :: Age 4, started playing guitar. My first song was, ‘Hide’ – that I wrote ..’

  7. Your biggest fan apart from your manager :: From the USA – California area, mainly, where I started and get lot’s of support, from. I have a fan from spain that pretty much travels to most of my gigs and personal appearances.

  8. Demographics :: 15 years and up ..’ Mature sound ..’

  9. Favourite Cover :: ‘Rolling Stones’ – Wild Horses & Bob Dylan ..’

  10. Un favourite Cover :: One Direction ..’

  11. Music Purist? :: I’m not against technology, but there has to be an element of balance, between technology and keeping it simple and raw.

  12. On Radio play listing: Black artiste vs White artistes making R&b music – Tyrese Gibson, campaigned, recently, publicly for fairness and equality; on merit, for both. Thoughts? :: ‘Is it not about music? If someone is not playing music, shame on them ..’

  13. First Album :: Oasis – ‘Standing on the shoulder of giants’.

  14. How far would you go :: Since 13, I’ve been playing good sized venues and travelling around America to begin my career


    Conor Coughlan -

  15. Selling out ? :: You have to bend a bit. If it doesn’t spoil your image.

  16. Your thoughts on Rage against the Machine and their Xmas UK No1 :: I don’t know, but willing to listen to ideas.

  17. Can you say no to your machine? :: Yes, but have a great team. I own the rights to my music ..’

  18. Do you think you have been lucky? :: Yea – but it took hard work to pursue my music. Also, stayed with Ricky, my manager and toured – then went to California.

  19. Are you into the London Celebrity Circle :: No, but won’t turn it down ..’

  20. Greatest challenge so far – Making the album. Stress!

  21. Do you think it’s wise not co-writing on your first album? :: Wasn’t offered. It’s not a no – and it’s personal. It’s like writing my own diary.

  22. Do you think you are a great songwriter? :: I like it! ..’

  23. Collaboration wish :: Neil Young. Working with him will be a fantastic experience.

  24. Favourite venue in London (Performing) :: Ask me in 2 months ..’

  25. Your first kiss :: Was good and worth it!

  26. Celebrity Crush :: Taylor Swift

  27. One Wish – ‘Jools Holland’ – To play ..’

  28. If you were God for a day – what you would you do? :: Clone ‘Taylor Swift’ and have her in my house.

End ::

‘Give It Up’  the album

will be available from Major UK retail stores from October 9th!!

The album has 11 tracks and are as follows:
1. Sun Don’t Shine
2. Irish Serenade
3. A Thing Like That
4. Give It Up
5. For You
6. Fifth Avenue Flirt
7. Dannemora Banks
8. I’m Going Home
9. Under The Sun
10. Fisherman’s Line
11. Will You Be Mine?

A surprising, mature, songwriting talent from a teenager. You have to give it up to him ..’ – MercyfulGrace

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