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Some people go to church every Sunday. I wonder why they even bother. They have evil hearts and have no love in it ..’ – Àrèmúorin

When Jesus said, ‘Go Sin No More’, he was not just talking, to the adulterous, woman. He was talking to the ones; casting the stones, too. How amazing it is, to be able to run into Jesus’s arms.. How lucky we are. Grace! It’s often the self professed, self righteous ones – who cast stones at others.

You need God – to exist in this world ..’ You need to know God. Even unbelievers need God. I know A PLETHORA of unbelievers who hijack Godly principles, ideas, notions and signatures; calling it their own – denyingly without shame.

They oppress, reject, even kill, sometimes – believers, yet they want what they have. They want to be, them. They covet the secret to their kingdoms; yet, they want to reject that God – the believers, serve.


Yet, they still deny God. I wonder why? - Aremuorin – Aremuorin

You may know princes, but I know kings! King of all kings …’ – Àrèmúorin

James 1:19 So then, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath; ::

I thought I’d seen it all – until last week, when a pastor, I was working with, spun dispicable lies on me – that nearly made my head spin, to save his reputation and job. This is why I made that church comment yesterday (above). I chose to walk away, cuz it’s beneath me.

It just never seizes to amaze me how low, down and dirty some religious people stoop, to save face. If I’d no revelation of God – I’d be worse than ISIS. I cry for humanity, for when I look at what we’ve done in the name of God.

Thank God – for his undying mercy. Cuz we’d have no hope in hell – Mercyfulgrace​

I bet you, I can find well adjusted, rounded, loving, kind, genuine, people – outside that building; any day of the week, on my daily grind – unaware.

Carol from Facebook :: ‘You have to be careful…there are some genuine folks who do have good hearts at church ...’

Show me them. When I see it – I will believe. I come from a super spiritual family. I’ve lost count of pastors, deacons, revs in them. They head churches – from Redeemed to the Baptist. Even, my father is a Rev. So, tell me – do you think, I don’t know; Or, I don’t have first hand, insight.? I was raised, in the church ..’

Edumund from Facebook :: How do you know this?

Well, if you must know :: I know every shade of a Xtain known to man and religion ..’ I have no faith in religion. I have faith in God. Big difference. See, some of those who go to church fanatically, every Sunday – lovelessly; think God is only there, on Sundays. They forget – God is Everywhere ..’ Like I say – I, don’t need the Pope – to find, God! ::

‘I’m grateful for the gifts I have, and I want to use them – to please God ..’ Every thing else is secondary’.

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