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The Holy Spirit never lies ..’

Aremuorin & Colin

Proof ::I just got convicted trying to out smart the Holy #Spirit. They don’t call it the secret CIA, for no reason ..’

My mum has a huge box of various T-Shirts ..’ She bought to give as presents in Africa. She told me to have a look, at all the left overs. I took one each of every make and size for keeps.

She said later, to take one. I said I want one of each. When she left, I took one of each, and kept them to a side. My plan was to give some to my wifey – and say, look what I have for you.

She then gave me one more. One of the sizes I already had. The holy spirit challenged me to tell her, I already have one of those. I said nothing. Thinking, ooh – I’ll have more t-shirts to give to my friends.

Then later – she was counting and stock taking ..’ and said, they don’t add up. Then asked me how many do I have. I said a few – one of each ..’ She demanded to see them. I showed her.

Guess what – like I said, the Holy Spirit don’t lie.The first thing she said – after a few sec’s – was – ‘Why did you not tell me you had this one, when I gave you this one too?”.

Busted – by the Holy Spirit. The HOLY SPIRIT does not lie ..’

In my smart ass defence

1. I did not think she would stock take
2. They were different sizes
3. I was not thinking it through

This just goes to show – the Holy Spirit is a secret CIA. It searches the beginning, from the end, to the beginning, again, IN ALL THINGS, concerning us – believers.

Just saying ..’ – I need to go and pray now for forgiveness and learn to be more attentive. Little do we know, when we take for granted, things like this, sometimes, but they can have severe, spiritual consequences – in areas of our lives – if we don’t take heed!.Even in writing sometimes – I try to take the lead, when I should wait, to be led ..’


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