MercyfulGrace Diaries with ‘Jesus’ – My Easter Miracle by Aremuorin

Let me share a testimony. Just 2 months before easter. I was SICK. I was bleeding through my skin pores in my back. It was frightening and painful. I was beginning to develop septicemia and my heart beat, started flicking in the middle of shows, on stage – when performing. I met like four different surgeons consequently. I had many revelations after.

The big major surgeon – flipped the script when, I was due to go under the knife the fourth time, that – the diagnosis was completely wrong. He refused to operate, on me and demanded more tests to be done.

Then I was beginning to be concerned. On Good friday, I was admitted, for intensive observation, then released on Easter Sunday, when my condition stabled. I just recalled, before admission, during my multiple checkups, to the hospital – the surgeons, where so concerned and talking operation, which I resisted – initially. They made me feel I was irresponsible for lack of concern for my own health.

They kept telling me I needed to be admitted in 2 days if my situation didn’t improve. Sometimes – I went a week before, going back. You know why – they felt and thought that? In my mind, and according to my faith, I was just singing all the time, and worshiping God; making up songs in my head and underneath my breadth. Every-time they gave me bad news, I called out the name Jesus, incessantly quietly, several times. Even when I was left on my own. It became automatically induced.

Now I’m not advocating – don’t seek medical check up ..’ You should always see your doctor when you are not well.

Kept staying in a euphoric positive space, mentally. It kept me sound, safe and secure. Just liked to share, in case anyone is going through a similar scare. I have not had this operation, and I’m healed now. “God is not religion and thats why I despise all forms of religious dogma. God is A God of Unprecedented Loving’s & Graces. If not, this earth and all in it would have been wiped out long ago with fire – for all the evil, we’ve all done, in the name of religion and God – self-righteously”

It was ironic, I was in hospital watching King of Kings, on my hospital bed and I could not help but think about the parallels of us both loosing blood – yet I’m leaving hospital on Easter Sunday – alive and well – just like him. Glory! 

“The enemy knows, when God is about to bless – He’ll always send some mess” – Bishop TD Jakes.

I’m just counting and thinking of all the ‘fake friends’ – plants, the enemy sent to me – ‘to sell me out’. They are the ones you’d never, ever, ever think could do such a thing! They plague like a virus. Until you del them muther-effing, negative trawls totally, you have no blissful future. Mercy mercy! Listen – I’m living my truth, if you don’t like it. I can’t help you. I’m not living my life for anyone else ..’ Why would I? My truth is in God, of one love, above. MercyfulGrace

There is no other, above him and he does not need your approval, or permission – to be kind, redeeming, graceful and limitlessly; unprecedented. The truth – sets everyone free. Thank you, God. Mercyfulgrace!

“Listen folks – faith is personal .. but let me give you an insight. Humans will never fathom God. The best is a revelation of him that you would have.

God pre-existed before the foundations of the world, how then can you justify or explain him? Man were the last fixtures on this planet. 

So your timeline is mute, remote and limited in comparison. Jesus was ordained before this world and and there is nothing you see made without him. He was always with the one.

Take this or leave it but you can’t deny you are unaware – now! I have seen Jesus, he is real ..’ He is sitting on the right side of his father. Reigning supreme over all – demons and humans and angelic bodies. 

This is no joke – Add up JESUS CHRIST, alphabetically – numerically – you would find out the no totals – 77. THATS A GREAT CODE!”

Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest is a Jazz, Soul-R&B Award WINNING Indie Singer-Songwriter, Author, Producer & 7X multi award nominee :: No1, 49+ Weeks, Jazz Charts ::

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