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Some people build, some people destroy. Which one are you?

Love is a Gift. African’s unite. Stop fighting stupid fights! Go drink some common sense. If its not melanophobia or homophobia, it’s xenophobia. It’s always something, for you to kill, or hate; yourselves over.

How about fighting for freedom and for the brotherhood of kind – other than, each other. If you don’t love each other, how can, any other race, love you – more, than you despise yourselves.

Now, I may be reiterating what’s been said – already; before dawn, add my take, as a pro African and, arguably – an Anglo-African, artiste too. Diaries

Politically, culturally and economically savaged, as we might have been, hereditarily; by the deeds from centuries, of bigotry, paranoia and fear, I still know my roots. My roots run down deep in love.

And hell, yes, just because everyone else is doing it, does not mean you need to follow suit – glorying in wickedness, addended with bigotry and racial profilings.

sa xenophobia -

A Xenophobia Attack On A Foreigners Child In South Africa

You should be pacesetters, pioneers, challengers, heroes and warriors of the truth lovingly. Not manipulated fixtures; victims of the past. Is this your legacy for your children and next generation? Oh, I’m disappointed! For you and for me, too. The travesty of this justice.

You even kill over religion. The God you claim to love and love you unconditionally. Get a grip ..’ It’s sickening to my stomach. I feel a revolutionary projectile, vomit from the gut, in any prevalent, ignorant direction – availing, swiftly. I’ve had enough already.

We’ve had enough already. Or haven’t you? Some people build, some people destroy. Which one are you?I abhor all forms of racial profiling and abuse. White on white, black on black, black on white and vice versa. Stamp it out. ‪#MercyfulGrace ‬‪#‎SayNoToRacism‬.

“Black people are busy trashing whites, whites are busy thrashing blacks, while mixed raced kids are running helter skelter – stuck in the middle for fear of backlash I don’t do colour & racial bias ::
The real problem here, is, bad people; and they are everywhere in every shade, or colour, or race. Where ever there is greed for money, evil corrupts and festers like an egyptian plague.
What I will do is – write, and/or sing these motherf****rs, under the table. Just like Mariah. I’m aware of the stereotypes & systems; however, I choose Love* :: God Is Love*”. :: Mercyfulgrace ::
When you put a group of negative people together, their story becomes a fairytale – sensationalised, through time. God forbid, there is no history, anymore and we’ve moved to a planet called bias and prejudice.
A group of negative people, can be a nation, or culture – and even, a race. In fact, that includes all of us ..’ – if we ended up there.
Now tell, me why love won’t, or can’t, fix this ..’ ?

While some people might need to cover up and buy some shame; unfortunately, shame is not for sale at a premium. It’s hard to know its worth when its sold cheap. It has no value. Therefore; the alternative forgone is only – Love*.

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