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Happy Easter to Every One ..’ Xx “Today is about – Love, Peace & the Brotherhood of Men” – the essence of Christianity. Not just for today, but for always ..’ Have a good one. Be encouraged!

I’m tired of this hypocrisy now …’ I want to sing/write/perform songs of freedom, from – here on. Even, religious people are just as twisted, as these hypocrites. Religion has nothing to do with God. Controlling others, is not Love*. Love is Freedom!

You’d be surprised, how much hope, love and security you could give someone, by giving your best, to someone who has lost their way, earnestly searching out, for something real; to feed their void. It beta be good, and come from you! Just a little loving, spins it all around. Mercyfulgrace

The truth about Jesus is that, he did not come for self righteous people. He came for the broken, guilty, oppressed, repressed and dispossessed. To give them mercy, life and teach them love.

This is where many xtains fail in my opinion. Personally, I am not perfect. I exist solely by Gods Loving Amazing Grace, and, owe it, to nobody. In fact, no one is perfect. You see, when ugly is ugly, no amount of fancy, or make up, can hide the truth ..’ It’s only a matter of time. Many mask the truth with religion, but God, is not religion. God is Love* and the truth is always in Love*. Religion and I are done, because I know the truth.

Each to their own. Can’t fix you. You can’t fix me. Only God can. Even, if I was a leaper, how dare you judge me. How dare you judge, anybody. I can show you the way to the bread of life, but what you do with it, is your prerogative. Now, that’s Love*. God is like a market. There are so many ways in, as long as you have come to do a Holy Trade.

If God was about self righteous people, Jesus would have revealed himself in a synagogue or temple, or to his chosen, 12 disciples, first, before anyone, when he rose from the dead. But he chose the weaker vessel, to bring this good news to – first, a beloved, a former prostitute.

 Xtianity is not just for those who go to church, or those, who think they are saved! Having said all that, it’s not a walk in the park. It’s a walk with you and God. People will push you to your limit. Even the devil himself did it to Jesus ..’ I don’t live my life for anyone – no more, from here on! Need no permissions, nor validations. I know the loving truth!

Mathew 20:16 “So those who are last now will be first then, and those who are first will be last.”

Now that’s love! And that’s why God Is Love*. When the ‘Holy Texts’, say, many that are the first, shall be the last and vice-versa. It’s no joke. It’s a scary truth. You can go to church from here till infinity, pray like a dog, or give charity till eternity, like no other, and still, you may never see or inherit the kingdom of God.

Boom! Happy Easter!

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