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Anthony Everest -

I’m still wondering why I post in some black forums. Very few people respond to the home grown music, related posts.

So, begs the question. Why do black brothers and sisters, complain, when blacks, take their businesses, to other races, and/or get in bed with them?

That’s what I want to know. Some blacks will go as far as straightening their hair, or lighten their skin, to fit in. It’s all the same point to me. Those pennies tossed at you, won’t survive you a lifetime.

Telling people exactly how you feel, is not a bad thing ..’ However you choose to filter this; is your prerogative ..’ I rather do – than be an American Psyco, murdering people silently with repressed issues.

At least, ‘You Can’t Mis Quote, What You Thought You Heard’ :: Ditto :: Those who hate, hate with all their heart … and those who love, love with all their heart ..’ Do you love your, own? Now, there’s a question. Maybe, you were conditioned not to? But, by who? How, When, Where, Why? Or did I make this all up …’ It is only a genuine question.

I’m not here to teach or preach segregation. Just saying, if you don’t love your own – don’t blame; when someone else is. After all, that is what love would do. Charity begins at home. Home is where you are loved. Figure what love means.

#Why #SupportYourOwn #LoveYourOwn #SelfPride #DontThinkYouAreDifferent

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