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Last year, I wrote & produced a compilation album featuring a brand new self penned song “If You Need Me”, from the forth coming Ep “OBLIVION”, scheduled for realease in 2020. Also won 6 awards internationally for “Music & Community Support” including “Oustanding Creative Artiste Of The Year from BBI (EMA Award). If You Need Me – (the Mixtape) out: 1-25-2020: Prelude to #OblivionEp. https://ditto.fm/if-you-need-me-anthony-everest

Oris Erhuero Interview #In14Ways by Aremuorin

Had the opportunity to interview Oris Erhuero, recently. A new Bond era. Fit for Her Majesty’s Service ..’ It was really inspirational and indepth. Here is the interview:

Oris BW2- MercyfulGrace Blog

Oris Erhuero, Photo Credit – Torunn Lillo

1. How do you adapt to winter?

So far so good, as the winter has it’s thing with me, where it keeps me on my toes at all times.

2. Whats keeps you busy?

Right now my family keeps me very busy. As well as my good friends, that I haven’t been able to make time for, during the year, due to work commitments.

3. Why is fitness important to you.

Fitness is extremely important to me. It’s a lifestyle for me, no doubt. It’s parts and parcel of who I am. It’s one of the many things in life I will always live and swear by.

Oris Erhuero - MercyfulGrace 4.jpg

Oris Erhuero, Photo Credit – Torunn Lillo

Oris Erhuero - MercyfulGrace 8.jpg

Oris Erhuero, Photo Credit – Netflix

It’s something that’s been installed in me since I was a kid. It’s what led me to break dancing, martial arts, weights, running, meditation, yoga, and the urge for me to push and compete with myself. It has been very rewarding to my career in ways that I never saw coming I would like to say it’s an institution within my life.

Oris Erhuero - MercyfulGrace 5.jpg

Oris Erhuero, Photo Credit – Torunn Lillo

And a medical proven fact, that one will for ever stay young, healthy and alert with time and age, no matter what, and where one is in life, as long you are willing to slice and save time out of your 24 given hour a day to commit.

4. Your latest movie “EUROPA” playing at Film festivals around the world at the moment … Tell us about it.

Well. it’s a true story, told from – as a movie – shot within a movie. The inside movie tells a fictional murder story, a drama and love triangle. And the «outside» movie tells above all a razor sharp analysis of contemporary life in Europe by the award winning Rwandan director Kivu Ruhorahoza (Grey Matter, Things of the Aimless Wanderer). He decides to film his new movie, A Tree Has Fallen, in London.

Oris Erhuero – Photo Credit – Torunn Lillo

It is, to be a stylish drama. about “Simon”, the character which I play, a mysterious “Nigerian man”, who returns to London to make amends with Anna, his mixed-race lover (Lisa Moorish) and Bruce, Anna’s white ex-husband (Matt Ray Brown).

Progressively, this love triangle mirrors the increasing social and racial tensions in Great Britain, and Europe today right now. This is in parallel to his narrative fiction, “Kivu documents”. This tensions by filming a series of rallies in the streets of London.

Oris Erhuero - MercyfulGrace blog.jpg

Oris Erhuero, Photo Credit – Torunn Lillo

But inevitably, the ‘hostile environment’ immigration policy of the ruling Conservative Party comes back to haunt the reunited lovers and to disrupt Kivu’s film making effort. Sensing that his London stay is coming to a forced end, Kivu attends a far right protest to try and understand the rising xenophobia of the Brits and of his character Bruce.

5. Barriers you have had to break down.

One of the many things in life I have learned is that from the day we were born, no matter what race, gender or tribe we are, there would always be a barrier without fail in front of us.

Oris Erhuero - MercyfulGrace 7.jpg

Oris Erhuero, Photo Credit – Robert Lapworth

I believe it’s part of all of our destiny and mission in life to fight for what we believe in, and that will come with a lot of barriers. I have had to keep in mind, that the many that came before I was born, fought to overcome what I wouldn’t probably think is a problem, today. For example; ‘Racism’ – today isn’t what the likes of my father and mom had to bear in the 60’s, in the west. Today, it’s a different kind. It’s all psychological. For example in my case, transcending from the fashion and modelling world.

Oris Erhuero 9 - MercyfulGrace Blog

Oris Erhuero, Photo Credit – Torunn Lillo

“For me, being a person of colour, I had to fight my way through all the racial political crap that came with it to get work. However, you keep pushing through, with a positive mind set, or it can eat you up and discourage you from growing. I walked from the world of fashion onto my first tv series in the 90s, and forcefully been the character that was intended to be a guest star in the first episode, to being one of the leading characters”.

At that time, when and if you came from modelling, or the fashion world, you were never taken seriously, for TV. So, having to push through that in the 90s, was a big deal, and then having the opportunity to transcend from TV to Film was a barrier, As Back then, doing TV was the death of an actor, as once you started there you died there, you couldn’t cross that line to film ever, and then finding myself blazing through that barrier on to films and stage and people accepting the change ,was a big deal.

Oris Erhuero - MercyfulGrace 6.jpg

Oris Erhuero – MercyfulGrace Blog

It’s funny with the help of social media, how many people are taken back by my journey from the beginning, to where I am now; because to them, many people back then, where kind of stuck in a time zone and didn’t, and couldn’t, cross that barrier.

I have become part of that generation that can juggle anything thrown our way. So, for me, it’s almost a trill to say to myself; let’s do this, and surprise myself in the process. Today many of us can do music, produce films, write and direct them, as well as collaborate with fashion houses, simply because many of us understood that breaking down Barriers, and constantly transcending would always pay of in big a big way.

6. So you are an SGI Nicheriann Buddhist? Tell us about it?

Nicherian Buddhism’s for me is the simple in-depth discovery of common sense in it’s entity, taught to me through the sgi Soka Gakkai international, meaning value creating society.

It’s a diverse Buddhist community network which comprises of more than 12 million people in 192 countries and territories around the world. We, as Sgi members, base our practice on the Lotus Sutra and Nichiren Buddhism, which teaches that each person has within the courage, wisdom and compassion to face and surmount any of life’s challenges.

Oris - MercyfulGrace Blog.jpg

Oris Erhuero – Photo Credit – Torunn Lillo

Based on core Buddhist principles such as respecting the dignity of human life and the inter connected-ness of self and the environment, we engage in various peace activities including human rights education, the movement to abolish nuclear weapons and efforts to promote sustainable development.

7. Does God and The notion appeal to you? What does it mean to you?

Yes, the term appeals to me in many ways, but that also depending, on how each individual of any form of belief system. sees it, and understands it. But in my case, as a Nicherien buddhist, we have the term called the mystic law, which is “Nam Myoho Renge Kyo” in English, it means “Devotion to the mystic law of the universe” or “Glory to the sutra of the lotus of the supreme”.

Oris Erhuero - MercyfulGrace.jpg

Oris Erhuero, MercyfulGrace Blog

This is the central mantra chanted within all forms of Nichiren Buddhism. However, at the end of the day, as a Buddhist, we believe that nothing is fixed or permanent and that change is always possible through chanting and prayers. That’s my notion of God and how it appeals to me. Nevertheless, it all begins and end with prayers to deeply understand that notion.

8. Have you compromised something you love for the greater good of mankind or would you.

Yes, many many years ago in the 80s before Nelsons Mandela release from jail, I was scouted as a model to go and work in South Africa along with other models. The offer was incredibly lucrative, but even as I was young, it didn’t sit well with me. I had this feeling if I cross that line; it would be the point of no return, as many artist and musicians were warned not to go, as it will be a disrespect to Mandela as well as those fighting to abolish Apartheid.

Oris Erhuero - MercyfulGrace Blog

Oris Erhuero, Photo Credit – Torunn Lillo

As fast forward years later in May 1994 the week of his inauguration, an agent invited me again to go to South Africa, and that’s where my carrier in the end really jumped of from fashion and modelling to TV and film career.

And going on almost 27 years, I really believe in my heart that when I look back, that act, and sacrifice I made with out selling myself short or selling out by crossing that line back then , really payed of for me today , and it was worth it. That act has lead me in making many decisions today no matter how juicy it seems to say no and walk away without any regret.

9. Life as a black person, does it seem like a fairy tale to you or is it a survival game.

To be honest at times it does feel like the survival game.

I have had to work super hard, and pray incredibly hard, that people will look past this colour of my skin and just see the greatness in me, there also see in themselves And that really broke through for me when I arrived in ‘South Africa the week of May 1994’.
Oris Erhuero - MercyfulGrace 2.jpg

Oris Erhuero – Photo Credit – Torunn Lillo

In addition, I was very fortunate to meet Mandela and certain people I would have never been able to sit in a room with in the west.

I had arrived as a young man to chase my dreams at a period of change in a country where blacks and whites fighting alongside against racism where dealt a hard blow by the Killing of Steven Biko, and many more countless people and kids got shot and killed for speaking up.
Watching one man, who had been locked up for 27 years come out and bring the people, regardless of their colour, together to live as one in harmony. That special moment and time changed me forever.
Oris Erhuero 12 - MercyfulGrace Blog

Oris Erhuero – MercyfulGrace Blog

So today, wherever I go, I take that spirit and energy of Mandela and those who fought alongside him, with me. I remember this when I work in a place where I don’t see people like me. I just make it known that I’m a human just like you, so whatever misconception you may have of me or people like me, we need to get past it and get on with the task at hand.

But from to time to time, I find myself slipping in to that survival mode and having to catch myself, and to be honest I have seen the positive impact more so lately. I now deeply feel slowly, slowly, the survival game is slipping away for good.

Oris Erhuero 11 - MercyfulGrace Blog

Oris Erhuero – MercyfulGrace Blog

I truly believe in my hearts of hearts the reality is settling in and people are tired and want to get along and just live in harmony, and yes sometimes it’s all about the mind-set and where we are in the moment.
I sincerely believe we all have the power to make a change where we go from here.

10. Actors you will like to co star with?

Anyone that can act, and do it like the greats.

11. Your hide away?

The Nordics

12. Your 4 non negotiables.

A). Racism

B). Leaders who come in to Power and break their promise.

C). People who abuse their power and position in life.

D). The 4th would be any one who discriminates against any gender of any kind, as people should be free to be who they believe they are. Period.

13. Best advice given.

My best advice ever given to me was by the iconic Sisley Tyson. We met in South Africa while I was taking a break from filming.

Oris Erhuero 10 - MercyfulGrace Blog

Oris Erhuero, Photo Credit – Antonio Rui Ribeiro

And during one of our moments together, she invited me to the opening of the Robben Island prison in Cape Town where Nelson Mandela spent part of his 27 years incarcerated. This Prison was now been reopened and turned in to a museum, as a great reminder of Nelsoms Mandela’s past.

As we sat on the ferry ride talking, she just stopped in the middle of our casual conversation, and said to me that I should never underestimate myself and the power in me.

To always stand my ground no matter what, know my worth and to never sell myself short. She lived by those words by introducing me to one of the most powerful mangers in Hollywood, doubling my salary for the next season – that changed the game for me. So now, when in doubt, I go back to that moment.

14. SAY some wishful & grateful things for humanity to come to pass.


Close: Thanks for the interview. It is a real treat. Will just like to add an after thought here. “You are a dream come true and incredibly inspiring. I will pay a million bucks to have the opportunity to do this interview all over again, and again. One day the world will thank you”.

Life will fade, but time will prevail. So, get on your ship, and take to sail. My prayer for anyone going through arduous challenges is that you find your beacon of light. Don’t let go of that hope in your heart. Darkness despises #light ..’ – #In14Ways


The End.

Produced by Aremuorin

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Memoirs of #Panache Awards- Selfie Moments – #In14Ways #Aremuorin #PGEAwardsUK

Never Around Live by Writer / Musician @Aremuorin @ Panache Awards.

Where’s the gym. I think I ate too much. Could barely move !!! I love my song thou ..’ 🇳🇬😍🙍🏾‍♂😂🤣🙈 🇬🇧

Thank you #DoyinOla for the recording footage xx 😍😍😍. Thanks to the Panache Award Team. Great Job !!!

Selfies by Aremuorin for MercyfulGrace Blog

#Light #Love #Power

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Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest is a Jazz, Soul-R&B Multi Award Winning Indie Singer-Songwriter, Author, Producer. No1, 49+ Weeks, Jazz Charts.

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Wickedness: H&M, Racism & Cops ..’

If your long and distant objective is worthy of a long road, don’t try getting there by short cuts that transgress the rights of others …’ – Whitney Houston

I gave vivid accounts so those who don’t see it can see it now ..’ – Aremuorin

The subliminal seeds of discord sown by western influence on African soils socio-politically; psychologically and subliminally; still makes it pandemic-ally possible to stunt the continent’s growth economically like witchcraft. Even, within the diaspora.

You then wonder why Africans don’t clock the game and unite. This is a mental war game etching away the very weaving fabric of humanity.

As long as white privilege is perceived and championed as the status quo, racism is going no where. Otherwise, white supremacists, would have fessed up their evil systemic lies by now to the whole world and to their own putting an end to the fasad.

Life is not white privilege - More @ MercyfulGrace Blog

White Privilege – More http://MercyfulGrace.blog

Africans are getting no reparations soon unlike the Jews until they learn self love, unity and put God first.

Like I said multiple times – ‘I don’t need the Pope to find God’. White Jesus can leave me alone now. I thrashed that in 2017 with 2017.

Christianity was in Africa before White Jesus showed up. So what the hell. Explain to me the demonics of slavery; it’s ebonics, and of the mind again? Anything that does not look like White Jesus is a threat to White Jesus.

I feel bad and awful for White folks who aren’t racist who just want to get on; and along, with everyone. It reminds me when I am running for the bus, upset-tingly getting stopped, or racially profiled as a drug dealer by White Jesus, and the police.

Anthony Everest - Racism - H&M

On boxing day I was a victim of a hit and run by a white male in a car with no break lights who ran off. On arrival of the Police (White Jesus) they declined to record the incident saying they don’t believe there was a collision.

Really? ‘I have a witness to it who is the reason why I am alive’ – I explained. I would have been crushed. My witness is the one who pulled me quickly out of the way. I got hit by the thigh and suffered, thankfully only minor injuries but ended in hospital – still.

H&M Racist Pic

Racism: H&M’s recent add campaign that left a sour taste in our mouth – yet again ..’

Police (White Jesus) said the culprits friend controls the cctv and there is no footage; that nothing is going to happen so I should stop wasting my time. He added that the crime is over. I am pretty sure when he runs someone over who looks like White Jesus or the Police the crime will be recorded, and believed.

Even the culprit came out of the car to admit he had no break lights that’s why he hit me before he ran off when I took his car plate registration no.

If I as a black man hit a white person (White Jesus) with a car with no break lights, and ran off, I’d be the one in jail and the there would be a cctv footage.

Pro White For Pro Life - MercyfulGrace.blog

Pro White For Pro Life – more @ http://MercyfulGrace.blog

So when the new H&M ad campaign; with a black kid called the coolest monkey in the jungle; backlash erupted again with denials of racial innuendos of prejudice by H&M: propagated with the help of main stream media: I’m like – ‘Yea, yea – I believe Hitler is Mexican and he built the Eifle tower, too’.

But here is the thing we blacks will still potentially buy from H&M again; cuz we don’t listen, watch and learn like the Jews. It’s not the first time to experience this systemic below the belt racial jibes.

Racsim2 - MercyfulGrace Blog

Products Promoting Racial Bias & Stereotypes More @ http://MercyfulGrace.blog

Racism, More @ MercyfulGrace blog

Products Promoting Racial Bias & Stereotypes More @ http://MercyfulGrace.blog

Some blacks are still going to buy designers and brag about them when some of those brands don’t even give a rats about them but their money. Taking from them the very tools they possess to build their own brands only to be used against them psychologically; buttressed with social stigmatization, and economic oppression.

Racsim3 - MercyfulGrace Blog

It does not get more racist than this ..’ More @ http://MercyfulGrace.blog

Whether you are black or white you should be outraged enough to feel empathy for humanity enough to warrant change for where peace, love and harmony reigns.

Gap Campaign - Racism - MercyfulGrace Blog

And you remember this campaign from Gap. Same old passive racism ..’ More @ http://MercyfulGrace.blog

May the love of God sooth again. Amen ..’

Here is H&M’s Apology:

“We would like to put on record our position in relation to the image and promotion of a children’s sweater, and the ensuing response and criticism.

Our position is simple and unequivocal – we have got this wrong and we are deeply sorry.

H&M is fully committed to playing its part in addressing society’s issues and problems, whether it’s diversity, working conditions or environmental protection – and many others. Our standards are high and we feel that we have made real progress over the years in playing our part in promoting diversity and inclusion. But we clearly haven’t come far enough.

We agree with all the criticism that this has generated – we have got this wrong and we agree that, even if unintentional, passive or casual racism needs to be eradicated wherever it exists. We appreciate the support of those who have seen that our product and promotion were not intended to cause offense but, as a global brand, we have a responsibility to be aware of and attuned to all racial and cultural sensitivities – and we have not lived up to this responsibility this time.

This incident is accidental in nature, but this doesn’t mean we don’t take it extremely seriously or understand the upset and discomfort it has caused.

We have taken down the image and we have removed the garment in question from sale. It will be recycled.

We will now be doing everything we possibly can to prevent this from happening again in future.

Racism and bias in any shape or form, conscious or unconscious, deliberate or accidental, are simply unacceptable and need to be eradicated from society. In this instance we have not been sensitive enough to this agenda.

Please accept our humble apologies”.

White Privilege - http://MercyfulGrace.blog

White Privilege – http://MercyfulGrace.blog


After conversation’s with varied opinions and having a feel for the complexities within multiculturalism and race relations; in my personal view. I have learned that the collective acts of subtle, passive and subliminal racism left people of color to be passive themselves, and / or playing games to survive. A dangerous blurry line to thread. As for those who insist it does not exist. Hear this:

When the script is flipped watch how ‘White Jesus and her tribe(s)’ switch their narratives. However, when it’s an expression of people of color’s, lived chorused challenges; experience-wise, it’s always argued, or implied to be an over reaction by White Jesus and her tribe(s). Question is Why? Could it be guilt, denial or irrational fear?

Don’t come for me with it if you know you don’t want it. Keep it where the sun won’t shine. Too done with for that ..’ –

When black artistes stop rapping about ‘Gucci and Bitches’ on their records maybe the system will stop killing us!

by Anthony Everest

More @ http://MercyfulGrace.blog

Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest is a Jazz, Soul-R&B Multi Award Winning Indie Singer-Songwriter, Author, Producer. No1, 49+ Weeks, Jazz Charts.

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MercyfulGrace Diaries with ‘Black’ – World War Veterans ..’ by Aremuorin & King David

Remaining Black World 2 Veterans - MercyfulGrace

Awesome post. Faces of the remaining Second World war veterans of African descent who fought valiantly for Britain at the war memorial ceremony today.

‪#‎WorldWarHeroes‬ #MercyfulGrace

Because of these heroes we have a hope for equality and change. We are truly indebted to their bravery and eternally grateful.

The will never show us this stuff on Major Prime time slots !!! They keeping grossing us out with ads showing us images of young poor Africans drinking water that donkeys are defecating in – to give money to charities pretending they are giving all the money to the cause ..’ – Anthony Everest


Mainstream media never mention the important role of Africans in the WWII despite not being on African turf. Senegal alone supplied 200,000 men ..’ – Ahmmed Wazobia 

Great. Info ..’ – Timmy Abede 

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MercyfulGrace Blog Diaries with ‘Self Love’ – Do It by Aremuorin

Anthony Everest - MercyfulGrace.com

I’m still wondering why I post in some black forums. Very few people respond to the home grown music, related posts.

So, begs the question. Why do black brothers and sisters, complain, when blacks, take their businesses, to other races, and/or get in bed with them?

That’s what I want to know. Some blacks will go as far as straightening their hair, or lighten their skin, to fit in. It’s all the same point to me. Those pennies tossed at you, won’t survive you a lifetime.

Telling people exactly how you feel, is not a bad thing ..’ However you choose to filter this; is your prerogative ..’ I rather do – than be an American Psyco, murdering people silently with repressed issues.

At least, ‘You Can’t Mis Quote, What You Thought You Heard’ :: Ditto :: Those who hate, hate with all their heart … and those who love, love with all their heart ..’ Do you love your, own? Now, there’s a question. Maybe, you were conditioned not to? But, by who? How, When, Where, Why? Or did I make this all up …’ It is only a genuine question.

I’m not here to teach or preach segregation. Just saying, if you don’t love your own – don’t blame; when someone else is. After all, that is what love would do. Charity begins at home. Home is where you are loved. Figure what love means.

#Why #SupportYourOwn #LoveYourOwn #SelfPride #DontThinkYouAreDifferent

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MercyfulGrace Blog Diaries with the ‘Some Hidden Truths’ – Black Is Beautiful :: www.MercyfulGrace.com

Was just browsing online and found this great read from another blog post. This post knocked me off my feet :: OMG !!! Just had to share it. I’ve known some to the factual contents previously – but some were just too good to discover. It reminds me of that old wise saying of mine ::


Some people don’t want to see the truth. But that is the truth …’


Check this out ::

“White-skinned people came into existence thousands of years ago as the Albino mutant offspring of black-skinned mothers and fathers in Africa. A sizable number of these Black parents produced, rejected and then cast out of the community their genetic defective albino offspring to live away from the normal black skin-pigmented population. There were colonies of albinos formed which eventually migrated northward to Europe, to escape the intensity of the equatorial sun of the Southern hemisphere” :: Read More Here :: 



Read More Here ::

Photo – Source :: Black woman, White skin Kenosha Robinson an albino on the fashion page of Marie Claire Magazine. 

Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest is a Jazz, Soul-R&B Award Winning Indie Singer-Songwriter, Author, Producer & 7X multi award nominee :: No1, 49+ Weeks, Jazz Charts ::

MercyfulGrace Blog


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MercyfulGrace Blog Diaries with Child of Love by Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest :: www.MercyfulGrace.com

Now the FEAR of God is the Beginning of Wisdom!
“And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell”. :: Matthew 10:28 ::




And yes I know, it’s not just a black thing – but I am talking to my black people. It’s not right. Support each other. Together you are strong – fragmented you are weak! And if this resonates with you outside the black  community or any other ethnic minority, too, so be it – take comfort. I’m not attacking anyone – I’m only highlighting a cronic disease, infesting humanity. The sad thing is that – this attitude is taught. It did not just happen – overnight. A part of this is a healing process, of forgiveness, letting go and moving on.
However, don’t blame folks when they stay or play away from HOME* :: Think it through! After all, where were you – when they were there! 

The truth of the matter – when I process this, is that – every time you backstab – your very own, you have backstabbed your very self – and dragged yourself back, 200 years – in chains and shackles; to your very own feet. That bad!!! And you can pretend you don’t wanna know – but you know exactly, what I’m saying. So, go figure !!! Ditto – rant over …’

“The world and its desires pass away, but whoever does the will of God lives forever”. 1 John 2:17
Give Back Charity Record

Give Back Charity Record



“Slanderers, haters of God, insolent, arrogant, boastful, inventors of evil, disobedient to parents, without understanding, untrustworthy, unloving, unmerciful; and although they know the ordinance of God, that those who practice such things are worthy of death, they not only do the same, but also give hearty approval to those who practice them”.
Romans 1:30-32 
I consider death according to these HOLY SCRIPTURES – sometimes, not just a physical death – but a spiritual one too. You could be dead alive. Unfruitful, unhappy, un-peaceful, unloving, unkind, greedy and etc – all leads to death of kind, in a sense to me. I choose Love* :: What do you?

But who are we to judge – only God can ..’
“Judge not, and you shall not be judged. Condemn not, and you shall not be condemned. Forgive, and you shall be forgiven”. Luke 6:37 ::
“There are times when a higher power speaks to us, thru us, or thru someone else :: The higher power does not come down itself – it’s just an energy that flows through us. We can choose to resist it ..’ – Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest


MercyfulGrace Blog