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7 Facts of Organised Religion

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  1. Just Because they are Xtains does not mean they are not evil.
  2. Just because they are Muslims does not mean they are murderers
  3. Just because I believe in God does not mean I’m boring
  4. Just because I walk in Love does mean I am a fool
  5. Just because I refuse to be used by you again does not mean I’m unforgiving
  6. Just because I won’t lower myself to that level does not mean I’m a coward
  7. Just because I call on Jesus every second, minute, or day does not mean, I’m a saint

Above all – I believe God loves me very much and that I owe him very much, because he keeps me beside the still waters for his righteousness’s sake.

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Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest is a Jazz, Soul-R&B Award Winning Indie Singer-Songwriter, Author, Producer & 7X multi award nominee :: No1, 49+ Weeks, Jazz Charts ::

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