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So, life is always full of surprises. Especially, when you hold out a leap of faith. Sometimes to forgive, sometimes to forget, sometimes to be an instrument of change for the best. I love to share my happy memories with genuine-nice people. Even, when there is a hater or two around. Just continue to move and groove to the music and let the love of life centre it’s universe of truce upon you. Make it your song to sing, over, in you head.

Love is the innate ability to give timelessly without fade! – AnthonyEverest

Patrick & Steven

{Patrick – If you don’t know Patrick, then you probably have never heard of Ten Rooms in the nineties or Pigalle in the Noughties. He is one of the hottest live show producers. Originally from LA. Also, one of the original Drifters – members. What I like about him is that, he puts on a great show and has a lot of stage prowess. A voice to kill and an army of people would always be on the their feet. Who has he not worked with or sung with? Erm – I don’t know ..’ He is also linked to Michael Jacksons thriller Video. Any way – Patrick is a cool dude. Sings like a demon and dances like one too. You wouldn’t even know if you probably met him}

Then, maybe one day you’d be that light you hope to shine ..’ Be the change you like to see! That’s how you smile and stay happy. No need for long faces around haters & jealous spirits; whatever the case may be; or whatever BS they put about. These mediocers worship money. That’s their God. Surprise surprise; evil is at their root. It’s kinda ironic – when you spell evil* backwards, it becomes live*. Even if you gave them the universe, they will still be miserable and find new lies to tale with grander bitterness to spin. I have realised I owe them nothing so they have become invisible to me – becuz they are not real. The Love of Jesus set me free long time. This is my personal antidote. Will talk about Shaun – Anthony further along ..’

Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest & Shaun-Anthony
Steven & Vula

Vula cracks me up sometimes with her fun filled character whenever she’s on the mic. She likes to take herself not too seriously but seriously enough to let the street know she is a major vox contender in Neo Soul. Have heard her grow over the years singing with her ammunition of vocal tricks and licks.


I’m not even reviewing the sister here – just highlighting her. I must say, sometimes, it’s tedious for me to watch and sometimes; it’s effortlessly beautiful. But then again; I suppose that’s what jams are for – they not rehearsed sets. You are meant to be able to try out new stuff and exercise your craft. I think the Holy Spirit is catching up with me here on this one. She seems naturally in her domain when with her friends messing around – assuming this is all we do and we do it all the time.

I remember calling her live on a Radio Show I produced and presented – on Voice Of Africa Radio, when she was on tour with Basement Jaxx in Paris, putting her on the spot to sing ‘Minie Rippleton – Loving You’ – live on air. She did it. It was a great moment to diarise. Steven is the host with the most-est at impresarios Jam Tart HQ – Global. His mouth is one hell of a windmill when the shots have flown. Asides; a pretty sound singer and compere to the point.


Had such a wonderful time hanging out with Shaun-Anthony who used to be signed to Lamar – apparently. Still have no idea what was going on there. Shaun is a great singer who sings Boys II Men (End of The Road) like only few other white boys can. Do your thing bro! It does take time to build a great castle – and one day you will be king in it ..’ Nice to hear you again ..’ So long. Follow your dreams don’t ever give up. Much Love* ::


Now, Leon is one of my favourite drummers in London. When I think of Leon on Drums, he reminds me of folks like ‘Sweet Sticks’, ‘Delroi’ etc – that I’ve have worked with in the past who are superb at their work. Oh, and my pervious drummer that now plays with that Gospel Artiste, I won’t even mention here ..’ Anyway, I have an affinity towards Leon’s talents because he is a kind guy, who is always a nice person to hang or talk with. Above all, he can sing too & play that drum for days in any time signature known to man.


Patrick / Neil



Vula / Steven / Ben / Oscar
Ben / Steven / Vula

Carleen Anderson -

These were just a handful of some of the brief moments from Jam Tart – a fortnightly music event in London. I must say my evening personally, was fun at the end of night, as I stayed the hell away from anyone who had drama. Spiritually, I veer away vehemently from such demons with devious debauchery written all over the faces, body, and soul.

“You can tell them from a mile with their repeated, inglorious lack-lusted, slothful, intense zest for disingenuous creativity and folly comradeship, pioneered on fear with two shifting eyes and jilted lying smiles”. They genuinely, think; they are doing something cute.


I believe Carleen Anderson describes them well in her song – Leopards In the Temple‘No Cause For Alarm’. Vula, Patrick, Daniel & Co :: were all up on stage doing there thang too. These are some of the nice people you want to look forward to hearing again. My love is your love ..’ Stay Blessed! :: God Is Love* ::


What’s your view? Share this with someone! Pass it on. About time ..’

Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest is a Jazz, Soul-R&B Multi Award Winning Indie Singer-Songwriter, Author, Producer. No1, 49+ Weeks, Jazz Charts.

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