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God punish him in heaven and on earth.
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Published by ::  04.07.2014 :: Confused Man :: Elton John Blasts Catholic Church Why Priests Don’t Practice Sex And Gay Marriage! – Elton says Pope Francis will soon change all those archaic rules!


God Is Love -

Thats not Godly – pray for mercy, grace and compassion. How wicked of you to say such a thing. Should God do the same to you for all your short comings before him? Or are you perfect? Jesus never once did that sort of thing. You without sincast the first stone – (Jesus said – and yes, he said go sin no more; I’m coming to that). :: We need to remember this.


Jesus died for the redemption of humanity and fair enough – you need faith to acquire that redemption, but it was given to you and I through grace – not by merit, right, or terror, or force, or prejudice. It was given out of Love*. :: The bible speaks of many things for ‘All have sinned and fallen short of the Grace of God’.

Gay people, or straight people or confused folks are no exemption. Xtain’s forget that, the same way they judge other folks, so will they will be judged, severely – before God. Only God Can Be the Supreme Judge. Lets work out our own Salvation, first.

image :: if a microscope probed each and everyones daily lives, intimately – wont it be shocking what will be found! Because; nobody is judgement free from and by the standards of God – or perfect!. Even, Cain killed Abel – way before – they crucified Jesus. (CAIN and Abel were brothers – children of Adam; the first Man) :: And God dealt with it, HIMSELF. GOD COULD HAVE DONE THE SAME TO CAIN by smiting him – right down to dust. 

By God’s standards – nobody measures up; save the Grace of God. So, show me the Love – “Where is the Love” – in that thinking, going back to that opening remark/comment? It’s mentalities like these that turn people away from the faith and the House of Love, churches and synagogues at large.


Remember this always and give that same grace back – with compassion and Love*. Even Jesus said, Father, Forgive them for they do what they know not. :: Mercyfulgrace :: Much Love* :: Amen ::


Now, I am not advocating for or against. Each to their own. What I am all for is Love, compassion and tolerance. If you want to preach – teach by examples, through love and not condemnation – bcuz there is no condemnation in Christ.

How can any one choose to live in abject misery, of persecution, ridicule and a life of torturous pain and pang willingly – over something that could have been adverted? Where is the logic in that? And why would people compare orientation with adultery or fornication? It has failed to compute in my brain, yet.


Maybe I’m of a variant specie, so perhaps It’s over my head … but who educated these naive, ignorant, pompous, fools – may I ask? Am I of the same incline, that ignorance is ripe in the west, or is it fear?

Might even be worse – homophobia. The worst of it’s kind in decade’s – littered in churches. Is this why repressed catholic priests sodomise, and mentally sexually, abuse their subjects for decades, whilst it’s, rumoured, yet denied, and swept under the carpet, until recent.

I need a reality check here. Which part of this is a choice? However;


If you think you know better, and are doing better than the next man, on earth – why don’t you lead by example and quit the condemnation – out of your self professed – self righteousness. The bible says – not all those who call me Lord Lord will enter the kingdom of God ::


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MATTHEW 7:21 :: 

“Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven”.


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