MercyfulGrace Diaries with Hard Talk – ‘Real Truths’

‘The Enemy has many vices – but Love* will flush them out’  – Àrèmúorin

Thank God for Blogs – for processing. I don’t like off loading on my official music pages – becuz they can stir non spiritual people, the un assumed way.

Where as, on here, I can have a good heart to heart with my real friends, those I’m acquainted with and spiritualists, alike. Yes, folks, say I should edit my timelines, and not get (too) personal.

But really, I’ve seen too much and know a lot. This will only feed the fear. Despite, I still speak – unless God Says No! I’m not ashamed of my faith, I just, respect other views, too. Praise God! There is nothing, that there is, that is sustained, without Love*

So, I was (meditating) /worshiping God, rehearsing – for tomorrows, gospel gig and it occurred to me that – TD Jakes said something’ – in one of his sermons.

Many people come to church for different reasons. Some to hear good music, some because of the vibe, some because of the flesh and etc. I heard it but didn’t process it. Suddenly, tonight I did. 


Some people do come to me; drawn to me, not because they care; or feel the music, or be a true friend, or fellowship, or share, or give but because of what they can get, take or steal and so forth. Mercy!

So I realised, even my music ministry with all its other talents, are the same. Time to wise up and realise. I mean – it’s not that I am that naive – it’s just that I take it too much for granted, sometimes!


Now – Validation and approval does not come from your friends, peers and mates. It comes from within. That’s where the truth lies – when you’ve found it.

And the reason why it’s that, is – some of those folks – are jealous, insecure, unhappy, fake smiling and back stabbing you anyway. So, why would their opinions count. The only person that can deceive you the most is you.

The funny thing about it is that – despite it all. I’ll never change me, only for the better. Cuz I love me. I have a good heart and God see’s my heart. I rather be alone where the enemy can’t influence me, in the presence of God.

Cuz I felt darn good in my kitchen just now – singing and giving thanks, worshiping my maker, doing my thing. And that ain’t no lie.

‘Living a Charade – Always on Parade’ – Karen McManus (The Real Me)

Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest  is a Jazz, Soul-R&B Award Winning Indie Singer-Songwriter, Author, Producer & 7X multi award nominee. No1, 49+ Weeks, Jazz Charts

Karen McManus is a Gospel Singer from United Kingdom with (Gospel Rock Ministries)

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