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Loosing a family member – is not an easy ordeal! So sad lost my beautiful, 22yr old Cousin and 70 year old Aunty within a space of 3 months. My aunt passed on New Year’s day this year!
She was very kind and a classy lady! A lot of life to remember and I remember her, very well. She never raised her voice at me – once. I have learned (or should I say I am learning) to pay vivid attention – when God is speaking to me and revealing things to me.


He does this amazingly – spiritually – in many forms. I’ll stop right there. For those are the things for me to know and act on! :: — feeling determined.

Jesus has not changed in my opinion – his precedences of love have remained tried, tested and stood. I’m the only one changing from day to day! Amen :: This is why I love HIM :: I am Àrèmúorin
Change is good. If you are not changing, you are not growing. If you are not not growing – you are stagnant and soon, you’d be dead from dying. ::

To A New Year – To a New Change :: To A New You! :: It’s a New Day & a New Season! ::

For the first time – I saw a BULLY WHO TORMENTED MY YOUTH – (VIA FACEBOOK). NOT MUCH BETTER LOOKING, TO SAY THE LEAST :: AND I WONDER why ALL THOSE YEARS, WHY – I even let them in …’ #JEALOUSY IS THE ROOT OF HATERD. Cha! The Oppressor is a liar. And while at it I FORGIVE YOU !!!

Don’t be jealous of the wicked or their vices, cuz they shall disappear like the rain, melts, from a cloud passing by :: Amen ::
I belong to GOD! NO MATTER HOW YOU DRESS THIS – GOD IS ON MY  CASE FOR SURE :: I FEEL LIKE JONAH / MOSES / SAUL & ETC. God is saying – Go All The Way – I’m saying, I wanna go half the way Lol :: Not funny really – I’m just saying it as it is ::
And  to some of the crooked :: spiritual institutions like churches and mosques. Don’t blame your followers when they go into the world for help – when you don’t look after their interest’s first, save your greedy, wealthy pockets! ::


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