The #Prophet of Doom: Grace to The #Rhythm..’ – #In14Ways #SundayConfessions #MercyfulGrace

Written By Anthony Everest

You #speak in #tougues does not make you #holy. Exit to the left please. Anyone can bable like #Babylonians.

You are not the only #prophet in the village. Neither the only one #gifted with tongues. Guess I’m too woke for you.

Mysty D Brand & Anthony Everest

As for love, it has no time for #mediocrity. Self love is #king. I’m #phenomenal. Fearfully and wonderfully made.

Howey & Anthony Everest

Even if you gave them your head on a platter of #gold they will still be miserable.

So, I’ve learned to do me and stay happy. None of these #charlatans will die for you or with you on your death bed, nor do they own #God. What they need to do is worry about their own sins.

SMADE & Anthony Everest

So Dear Mofo’s: Leave me out of it. Go into the kitchen and take a sharp knife and cut the bull$hit #out ..’

Isaiah, Jaqueline & Anthony

Take this journey of hate with you and it will only lead you to reiterate a great debate of regret.

Those who value you will run to you invariably with open arms of love. There’s no one like Jesus in that #dept ..’ – #In14Ways


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