World War IV ..’ – #In14Ways #WomenMakeChange #MercyfulGrace

It’s a mystery.
Many can’t fathom it.

The amount of lies that White Jesus tells on black people daily is enough to start world war 4. Never mind 3.

Too many dubious religious institutions amasing millions and fortunes at the expense of the soul; seeking (vulnerable) at large.

I passionately despise their doctrines and bogus faiths. A categorical insatiable appetite for mockery of the word love. GOD IS LOVE.

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Greedy grabbing lying cons. God have mercy on them. Have uncovered some disgusting habits of this society running through out time. Shady. And, they have a nerve to judge another soul.

How can you be freely justified by your faith whilst you won’t give that same mercy to another unbeliever.

Or do you think that justice was your birth right?. Where’s the love in that faith you claim has justified you outright?

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Shady people – If every wealthy religious organization donated 10 percent of their wealth to the poor; there will be no poverty.

Bring me light and love. Jesus is the Son of God ..’ I Believe. Amen

Life is a game of luck. But within that notion; there is patience, resilence, persistance and a plan. If you look at things in the ordinary, you will not excel in the extra ordinary.

Vanassa Samafu (Soprano Soloist) left to right, with her Sister – More @

Why do I find organised #religion more and more irritating everyday. It condones slavery, dogma, racism, prejudice, capitalsm and divisions. What’s there to like. Dear #God #help.

This is why I love the work they do at Women Make Change charity founded by Hellen Atim. A charity that gives back to Women with FGM traumas and Domestic Abused Victims. African culture traditionally owned women to their spouses under antiquated religious doctrines; unto death, but now, love has stepped in. I was thrilled to support for International Womens Day.

Anthony Everest’s Kimono – designed by Rose Wilson Couture.

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By Anthony Everest

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