Plans To Depopulate The Earth 80% For Future Man’s Survival.

The Gay Agenda:

Homosexuals do procreate by choice just like heterosexuals. That narrative; that gays don’t is ignorance. An antiquated truth.

Gays are no different to straight people. They are both capable of evil. Human sexuality is a lot more complex than many thought. Mis education is why.

Once upon a time, they thought twins were evil and murdered them in Nigeria. Marry Slessor stopped that.

So why should criminalizing homosexuality in Nigeria or parts of the world be any better? Gays aren’t the problem. The criminalization of it, is. Just like cannabis and etc. Just like why some blacks still can’t process Malcolm Ex’s sexuality or accept that he wasn’t straight.

Thats why the US military has a “don’t ask; dont tell“, mentality.

Many supposed to be straight men and women live alternative lifestyles; outside their matrimonial homes. So; the joke is on them. They also produced the gays, genetically – biologically.

They are the ones who jeopardise their families and own lives with sexual indiscretions with random sexual partners in their insatiable deprived sexual lust & thirst. They creep.

They are mostly on the down low to keep up a pious image from churches to cabinet offices for fear of condemnation & un-needed humiliation.

A thing Jesus never did. John 3:16-17; according to the bible.

Don’t confuse the narratives. Those evil people; destroying humanity with depopulation tactics; you refer to, will use any agenda to fufill their agendas. Focus on them; not what the lgbtq+ are not about.

It’s time to truly wake up from this ignorance.

By Anthony Everest

#Light #Love #Power

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