#Avengeance is #mine – #In14Ways #MercyfulGrace #Racism

The wrath of God is deadlier than the mightiest sword ..’ – #In14Ways

Anthony Everest

Some like the comforts & paradigms of a white lie. I’m sorry mine are black & full of glorious & inglorious truths ..’ – Anthony Everest

With God nothing is impossible and no one is invincible. God said no to all your enemies when you put him first.

He is real as a brand new day !!l I can’t believe how much credit I gave to those demonic mofos going no where. Please !!!

Watch how they’ll fade into oblivion. The holy spirit does not lie. Hard times is nothing; yet ..’ Did you think you could sabotage children of God and get away scot free? Right !!

God said avengeance is mine let me avenge your corner. Every time I tried, I made it worse. So I resigned to God; and now, I’m laughing. Just smiling! Watching him, ruthlessly, deal. Thank you Jesus.

You fill me up like a…

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