When they say there’s no #WhitePrivilege #In14Ways #MercyfulGrace

I responded to that Uncle Tom from YouTube here:

Why is love okay for some and not for everyone? – Aremuorin

You mean drug peddlers and white collar crimes, secret societies, clicks, mafia and elite gangs who disenfranchise others with huge tax breaks and plethora white privileges with subservient ideologies such as MK Ultra & MK Delta but front like they are leggit like white Jesus. Uhmm ..’

Dear uncle tom. This is foolish. I won’t bother. Beta things to do than debunking your ill researched stats ..’ You insult my intellegence and make me laugh uncontrollably.

You mention a bunch of ppl not paying 100 per cent taxes on their multiple income streams and are smart enough to play the player (White Supremacy) at it’s game.

When White folks get the hump that there’s no white privilege it’s cuz they eat and sh*t witchcraft which they misconstrue for white privileges.

Nigeria is one of the most corrupt colonised nations with crime and corrupt governments in the world were trillions of money dissappear without trace between its finance ministers and the leaders – helped by Swiss banks. Look up 419.

Many of those Nigerians with master degrees you quote can’t get a job. Some of them are doing meaningless jobs in Dubai, Europe and America or forced to do illicit businesses.

You need to take your head out of big brother’s behind and wake the fcuk up. The lift does not go up in your narrative ..’

But if that’s your hustle and it pays you to play stupid to cut your monatised cheques, on Google, one of the most corrupt companies in the world; I salute that.

Do what you got to do. After all, racism is business; so is playing stupid. They call it cooning in my industry. You just became the real uncle tom in my opinion ..’ – #In14Ways

Listen to his rant here

#Light #Love #Power

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