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Mary Turner

Why we cant get over it:

Stir me & sit me upright this day. Even, after, all, noon and evening again ..’

When you’ve #known different kinds of daggers; you will know different kinds of #arrows ..’

The truth can not lie because love is the truth. You can lie but – ‘Love, will take over’..’ –Aremuorin

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Story Via – Anthony Dorman

Twenty year-old Mary Turner (m.n. Hattie Graham), 8 months pregnant at the time and whose husband had been killed in this “lynching rampage” on Sunday, May 19th, publicly objected to her husband’s murder. She also had the audacity to threaten to swear out warrants for those responsible.

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Those “unwise remarks,” as the area papers put it, enraged locals. Consequently, Mary Turner fled for her life only to be caught and taken to a place called Folsom’s Bridge on the Brooks and Lowndes Counties’ shared border.

To punish her, at Folsom’s Bridge the mob tied Mary Turner by her ankles, hung her upside down from a tree, poured gasoline on her and burned off her clothes.

One member of the mob then cut her stomach open and her unborn child dropped to the ground where it was reportedly stomped on and crushed by a member of the mob. Her body was then riddled with gunfire from the mob.

Later that night she and her baby were buried ten feet away from where they were murdered. The makeshift grave was marked with only a “whiskey bottle” with a “cigar” stuffed in its neck. [End].


Dear God

Speed your love. We need you now. More than before than ever.

This is why advocacy for reparations like the jewish holocaust; for the black race, over slavery, is a crucial civil, and moral right.

All humans are equal; if truely, All Lives Matter in the western sensibility ..’

– Aremuorin

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