Wyen Solo in 14 Ways 

​1. How are you feeling today.

I feel great today!

2. What’s your passion

My passion is to create music meaningful lyrics beautiful melodies.

3. Who annoys you in entertainment.

Hmmmmmmm ….. I wouldn’t really say anyone annoys me. I don’t care enough LOL

4. Who doesn’t annoy you in showbiz

Seeing greatness; be recognised. Although, it does not happen often enough. 

Wyen Solo & Anthony Everest

5. Describe your artistry

My artistry is very organic. I don’t follow the crowd, my heart is in the 90s and I think you hear that in my music. I don’t go with what’s current. I tend to go with my heart and usually people relate and enjoy. 

6. Your fav past time

Going to the gym and listening to rap music lol. I love to cook, especially for my family. I write a lot and a good FaceTime catch up with my bestie is always a good pass time. 


7. Celebrity crush

Ha ha ha ha. I’ve always had a crush on 50 cent since I was young. I’ve always had a thing for bad boys but also I love his business mind and work ethic. A business savy man that is funny is a winner for me.


8. Gay marriage. Yes or No?

Gay marriage, straight marriage. It’s all irrelevant to me. If the marriage is a love marriage, I’m all for it send me an invite! 

9. How do you deal with negative people

I don’t, I mean too much to me to waste that kind of time or energy. I have too many fabulous people in my life that I can be giving my time too. 

10. Do you think there’s racism in music

Unfortunately yes but it does not have to be a deal breaker because no matter what you can’t deny talent or greatness. 

11. How do you find solice

I give it to God ! Sometimes I write about it that’s always been my coping mechanism with family relationships my own insecurities. I just write. That brings me comfort and helps me deal. 

12. Your dream job

I would love to be a successful recording artist but I’d also be happy being behind the scenes writing for amazing vocalists.

13. Next move

I’m getting ready to put out new music soon which I’m excited about its some of my best work yet, travel back to the states and perform over there and just make new amazing memories. 

14. Where do you want to be 5 yrs from now.

Definitely be an established known artist, and defo have a song in the charts wether performed or written by me. 

Married happily in love and enjoying all that life has to offer and building an empire that I will one day pass on to my children. 

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Thank you Wyen. You are a blooming star and we love your stunning vocals. Beautiful soul !!! Keep going. Shoot for the galaxies and don’t let them stop you ..’

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