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​I cracked it. Unbelievers don’t know and / or, reject God becuz Xtains effed up religion; biblically, in mammoth, proporportions. 

All they asked for is love which religious folks lack. Isn’t it ironic. You hate unbelievers, judge and condemn; yet you say you love God that you’ve never seen. 

How can that be? You. Who is suppose to reflect God. God – who is love!

Based on this evidence, if I was an unbeliever, too, I would tell you to eff off and get your head checked by a psychologist. You and your self righteous hypocritical self. I be like – bye Felicia ..’


Who is the real unbeliever here after all. The hypocrite or the one who doesn’t know the truth? Religious folks. Get your selves checked out !!! Admit this. You have got this so wrong. It’s embarrassing ..’ I feel like throwing up sometimes.

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