MercyfulGrace Diaries with Religious Charlatans – ‘Satanism’. pt 6


Happy Sunday. If you think satanism is not in Religion, you are tripping. Trust me. I know, first hand how thy run rackets and bribery in collusion with powers that be. It was all sweet again, till I realised, I was dreaming, this morning.

Ironic, my new fans and friends, have invited me to their Anglican Church. I’m curious to say the least, being open minded as I am. Many people will say they are xtains until they open their mouth.

I thank God for the places my faith has taken me. For how else will you know, places, where you have never been. God works in wonder work ways. TBC

Read John. 3:16-17*

I have to be very care full with what I tell people sometimes. Some people are not ready for this message. Demonic agendas have tried everything in the book of phony to block me in vain. I just want to thank God for how he has managed and handled my life. Amen.


My message is on f****ing track ..’ God deliberately blocked some events and folks, out of my life for a divine reason. Satan wants to run you down like a battery. Then make you loose your  rags with its lies. Don’t. Satan you loose. God said no !!!

I’ve lost count how many times I was pursued but the Holy Spirit told me everything they were thinking and plotting and how aggravated they were that I knew, more so; how I knew ..’

It’s so conclusive, this drew great parallels with the sermon delivered at the Church I was invited to today by someone I met yesterday. Couldn’t have been more than a divine orchestration by God.


Would have uploaded it, but the sound is poor quality. Sorry bout the sound but I enjoyed the message. It was in tune with my weeks creative output spiritually, and mentally, even on the way there, as I shared with the taxi driver who was pleased by our meeting, and said, he was blessed by it. Everything the enemy has planned has been blocked in Jesus name. Amen !!!!!!!

Read Psalm 34:19*

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