MercyfulGrace Diaries with Orlando – ‘Love Doesnt Hate’ (part 2).


When ignorant, religious, bigoted pastors speak hate fully, where is the silver linning?

This pastor not only sounds gay, is a homophobe and makes a mockery out of our Lord Jesus Christ’s doctrines. Jesus taught us to love and be compassionate and not judge. So we’ll go easy on him.

The Bible says in the laws given to Moses, by God; in the famous ‘Ten Commandments’, all later fufilled by Jesus on the Cross of Calvary, where He bled and died, for the sins of mankind, that – ‘Thou shall not kill’.

Omar cruised gay dating websites and posted pictures of himself. He also socialised in gay clubs. It’s well documented. So, he clearly had self hate for himself – that he murdered, others, like himself cowardly; and ruthlessly.

What foolishness, upon a bitter twisted, unfortunate ending; for undeserving others cuz of one eccentric.

Hence; we can’t allow radical religious, extremists; to dictate the law of our land for the masses, out of bigotry, sadistic self hatred and erroneous indoctrination. We live democratically in the west. If you don’t like other (our) communities, leave them alone. Be nice or go away.


As a xtain bible scholar filled with the Holy Ghost – there is nothing in Leviticus or any other book in the bible that Jesus did not fufill when he took to the cross. JESUS PAID IT ALL. HE TOOK THE FALL.

In fact, he said – ‘IT IS FINISHED’.

Only God Almighty is pious enough to judge and HE WORKS IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS.

No one-day forced you to be here. unjudiciously. So, why kill others, unjudiciously ..’ Hypocrite! Instead of spreading love, you are spreading hate. You should think it over. It’s not helpful; to anyone. God is love.


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