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Is this the community trying to lecture us on Godliness, Human Behaviour, Gender Issues and Holiness?

Lawd Jesus. Thank you for the ‘Holy Ghost’. Fill me anew that I might know. Like I said, earlier this week –

“Some people will have a melt down when they realise some of their religious leaders are planted luciferian disciples; to the core, masquerading – as angels, of light”

They even set it (their agenda), in stone; yet – you have blinders of hope on. #MercyfulGrace

Only God is the potter. Only he fixes. BOY OR GIRL – MAN OR WOMAN. He does it all. The Great I Am.

No doctrine can. No opinion will. HE FIXED SAUL OR DIDNT HE – the radical religious fanatic? A grown MAN.

The arrogance of religious hypocrites is mamouth. I’ve officially given up on organised religion and its hypocrisy.

The issue with organised religion is that the deliverers themselves need deliverance.

I’m only the clay that became the vessel; slaying with words, in the spirit. It’s a gift. A precious gift, I cherish.

They want to lay hands on folks with unholy hands and wonder why there is a rebellion. Take a look in the mirror first before you fix someone else. Sweep around your own front door before you sweep around mine.

My work is about elevation and social justice. If you don’t know this about me you have been grabbing unto the wrong end of the stick.

I can tell you right now that the amount of satanism in organised religion; is becoming a gross indemic epidermic. A total turn off. God is love not religion. People need love not sanctimonious bible bashers.

Folks have been lied to, to the nines, and manipulated; by major media outlets seconded by beautifully ochestrated organised religions to a great a degree.

Pimps and radical crooks. Its laughable. While some religious leaders are turning to God; some are turning away. MONEY !!!

The beast is already in most religions twisting arms and pulling strings. They have been planted from within with a new world ordered luciferian agenda. MONEY !!!

Predictably the bible says – the love of money is the root of all evil. This evil is sure truths ..’

Without the ‘Holy Spirit’ this is a disaster. We need REAL LOVE ..’

God help us all.


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