MercyfulGrace Diaries with ‘Demons’ – The New Low by Aremuorin

Some demons have just taken, to a new – Ras Clot Low ..’ We really don’t need to necessarily go into the in depth details of the facts. Those who covet evil – will be self destructed by their very own evil – with all their immediate associates. Go Ahead. I bid you well – in the Name of Jesus.

AmenGods Love

So, guess what – I am taking my faith to a brand new spiritual high – without intolerance. I got Love under lock and key, so – don’t you worry about a thing !!! Jesus is the Son of God ..’ He crowned me because he was crossed first – for his name sake.

And his love is alpha and omega – the beginning and the end. I’ve lost the counts now – when some low class people repeatedly tried their demonic antics. I belong to Jesus. High light that and get it underlined. Have no interest in any forms of evil, now, then, or – ever ..’

And yes, I like to talk about God – all day, all night, and all the time. God Is Love* – Process that !!! ‪#‎BringIt‬‪#‎MercyfulGrace‬

Love –

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