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Now I understand ..’

The one’s that belong to #The #One don’t play. Nor, does he ..’ – Anthony Everest

The one’s that belong to #The #One – don’t play. Nor, does he ..’ His eyes runs to and fro over them and every inch of their hair. That’s why they are different – and that’s why they are different. They bring him glory as he messes with their minds, in every tongue, religion, color, creed or kind ..’ Mercy!
Why would a stammerer and a murderer part the red sea. Why would an unbeliever have a baby at 70. Why would a man who had concubines be the father of faith. Why would a king who had harems of sorts – be the wisest kind of his generation. This is deep. Pass me not oh Gentle Gracious Savior. Try me again – and again – again ..’
KissMeBabyEP - @AnthonyEverest
Why would an antagonist of the disciples become the protagonist. Why would a whore – be the best friend of the Lamb of God. Why would The Lamb’s Nan, himself, be a whore. And  why would the risen lamb, himself, slain, appear, first – to the whore (his best friend), before the (his) disciples.
This is deep. The very whore(s), the disciples, rejected – in the name of the lamb – that, they claim to fight a good fight for.Lord Jesus – Have Mercy! Try me again – till I’m done and good enough ! 
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