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This video showed up on Social Media and had every one commenting negatively, mostly, but it struck me with chords, that – has anyone, asked the child’s side of the story.

My first remarks were – ::

I’ve had my jaw open for the last two mins ..’ when he called her a ‘F88king Bi*ch ..’. I was told we were going for a summer holiday, I stayed there over a decade; taken to Africa when I was 5, that’s why I would never dear do such a thing. If that was my child I would hand him over to social services – for Good. Cheryl Cole can have him too. He would know the difference when she kicks him and boxes his face in ..’ ::

A demon – that’s whats going on (here) ..’ Regardless – its a sympton of a dire problem on both parts. It should not go un noticed! Charity begins at home! When I found myself in despair and alone – I turned to my faith – Jesus* Daily :: Mercyfulgrace::I can’t speak for every one thou. But this is sinister. You need the medics and prayer warriors on this one ..’

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