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Jesus is the Son of God - @AnthonyEverest -

The message may not be for everyone, but nevertheless – the message is for a ‘Someone’ – ‘Somewhere’, who needed or needs, to hear it ..’

I am still shocked…’ People are telling me not to talk about Jesus or God, professionally, but thats exactly, what the fans dig. It’s bewildering. So, here we go ‘Jesus Is The Son of God’ ‪#‎TeamJesus‬ ‪#‎Jesus‬ ‪#‎God‬ — feeling delighted. Did you know that when people are attracted to you, ‘spiritually’ its a blessing? You give them, something – no one else can ..’ For instance, you might meet a stranger, or a hater – that’s your moment – to testify, and lift up the word. Use it against the situation – to lift up the glory of love. The devil is a liar. Always, trying to upset the peace of good karma and nature. Mercyfulgrace

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Flicking through channels, I saw a great music producer – ravaged by the flesh, on some, sex related, channel, recently. It was all too surreal for me. What happened? Where did it go wrong? This guy has a sweet voice – like angelic choirs, and I remember wanting to work with him, back in the day! Sad, Sad Sad. Prayers – I hope he finds his way back home, for the sake of his twins ..’ Having said that, he is not the only one. There are a host of people, who for one wrong turn, or bad influence, company, or choice – got hooked on similar. Don’t pass me by. Don’t forget me :: The Love* of God completes us all. I’ve made my mistakes and maybe, I may find myself seeking mercy someday. Peter, a beloved friend, and disciple of Christ, denied Jesus thrice, against all odds. Jesus still loved him still. Mercyfulgrace​ ::

Users = Losers. A mentor, a senior, family member of a major global brand, told me this before – now I understand – although, they – don’t believe in God! But, hear this, they say they are jealous of my inner-strength, resilience and determination. If only, they knew, they were referring to the glory and manifestation of God in me. The same God revealed unto them – that, they’ve denied. See, I’m not interested in fame. For, as long as God loves me – I’m famed.
Jesus - MercyfulGrace
Did you know that a major, major, hollywood star – with millions and millions and millions of followers – came on Mercyfulgrace page – and had a go – that, God Has No Sons ..’ I am so amused, still. T’was a shame – I am a huge fan, of their franchise and probably, still will be; just that, we are on different pages. Okidokie. It only takes a flicker to turn a fire into a flame. The message may not be for everyone, but never the less – the message is for a ‘Someone’ – ‘Somewhere’, who needed or needs, to hear it. Happy days. Break a smile and shine, like you mean it. Some have no peace, they are trying to steal yours, to feel good. Don’t allow it. I only want to make the world a better place. Don’t hate me now ..’

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