MercyfulGrace Diaries with ‘Religion’ – I Don’t Need It …’ by Aremuorin

This is not about religion. I don’t need it. If it’s not about loving, you can keep it shoving.

I must say; I have new revelations coming through my nose, and every orifice of my anatomy, daily. It’s not about me. It’s not about you. It’s about what the universe is revealing to me when It comes to me, and letting it out. This is not about religion. I don’t need it. If it’s not about loving, you can keep it shoving. Jesus is the Son of God, however, he is real, as much as, God Is Real, and God Is Love*. If it contradicts Love* it’s not of God! - Devil Your Loose!

The Holy Spirit is too. It’s gives me great conviction to speak, with authority given to me by the three. What you do with these revelations, is down to you. My blogs are getting hotter on these, by the hour, because the time, is drawing nearer, by the hour. Kingdoms of these worlds, are getting restless by the minute.

I belong to God – no matter, where, or how far, I fall – from grace. The Love of Jesus set me free long time. The devil has nothing on me. Ditto. The world did not give me my gifts, talents and abilities, so they can not take it, from me. They have seen nothing yet. I repeat – Jesus is the Son Of God – and, I am – convicted by my faith.

Loaded -

Some people think, because they go to church everyday, to pray, and condemn others daily – it means, they will see God. Not. You are in, for a deep, great surprise. The bible says (explains /reveals) “Many who are the first will be the last on that day ..’ Mathew 20:16. The tricks and skirmishes under the disguise of religion – gets me going, from within, timely.

Whether you’ve been a pauper, sinner or a liar – God’s grace, is the incentive you need, through ‘Christ Jesus, unfailingly – if you believe. It’s a free choice, not a condemnation, or accusation. Freely, Willingly, Given. ‪#‎MercyfulGrace‬  ‪#‎JesusIsTheSonOfGod‬ ‪#‎IBelieve‬  

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