Kiss Me Baby: I think I deserve #better ..’ #In14Ways #MercyfulGrace

Kiss Me Baby - Reloaded - 2015 -

Kiss Me Baby (Reloaded) :

“I took your negatives with me and cropped me a nicer picture, from an old frame I had in mind long ago. Before you came along, to infiltrate my scenery with jagged edges of your distorted blurry views ..’ So, bye. Pretty lies.

You keep trying! I’m here eyeing, up a whole brand new scenery. It’s painted picture perfect with good loving, intentions. Great grand new. Wait, an’ phew.

You be seeing me up on a poster, near you, one day soon! Oh, Hi. Pretty lies. I’ll be saying, swaying; on my way. Oh, bye ::

Pretty lies!”

No would do – pretty eyes. Show is over you – pretty lies.

I’ve got my Queen
And, Like a King
I’ve stood my guard
From my Knight
To my praying Bishop
We are making moves


I’m making moves.
Get me new players.
Like a new chess game ..’

Pretty Wise”

MeryfulGrace Records

Kiss Me Baby (Reloaded) ::
Out on the 14th of Feb 2015

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