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Touring Summer 2015

I always say – there is room for more ..’ Where Love is limitless.

Awesome. I’m just accepting this fact – gradually, but totally, that – a God’s chosen child, believer, when he want’s to move us, in(to) his perfect will – it’s always a struggle for us to-follow through. Let me give you an example.

Fame. I do like it – but the truth of it is that I cherish success more than fame. Thou, some-people think, I hog, or love the limelight. No! I just love, being me, free, as God intended. The real, real, real, truth is that,  I hate fame deep down inside, because; I love my space, freedom, friends, normality, and just been myself, without having to bother with what people are thinking of me, or how I’m perceived by strangers or the press, having to live two-three-more different lives. One for the media, then one for yourself and another for your business associates.
It was until then, that I realised; that God gave me (us) beautiful (creative) gifts not necessarily, for fame, and truly, if he gave me (us) all the desires of my (our) heart – I (we) would have hated it more and hated myself (ourselves) more, then blame him in return! When the bible says he is the ‘Alpha and Omega’ – the beginning and the end – It’s No Joke! He would block so many things wrong for us if he feels they are not right for us – no matter how we justify it.
Another good example are many marriages that fail. They fail because Love was not put first! Now, I don’t know if you believe in our heavenly father. But this is your cross to carry. You are doing (All You Warriors For Love) what a privileged few will eat the the fruits of tomorrow. You are an inspiration, an activist and visioneer.
Don’t be alarmed or swept away by the storms of life. Draw closer to your faith and be more determined to focus on target, to exhale. The truth is powerful and unlike the truth – lies have an expiry date.
I rather watch videos of Bishop TD Jakes & Joyce Meyer at home and pray. Church don’t a mean thing if it aint’ about loving ..’ You won’t find me there! I know who I believe and he knows my heart!

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