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Run To Love EP

2015 – for me is a year of proclamation and affirmation of bold decisions and plans auguring well to the glory of God. Lukewarm decisions, and sentimental reasons for not cutting people / dead wood off, aren’t part of this agenda. I have become more intolerant of such demands and vices on me.


I pray by the power of God vested in me to see this through. In 2014, I learned even Gospel artists, have less, integrity, than your average joe blog musician(s) – because they have a lot more to hide, and loose. Now, I’m not perfect, nor do I claim to be. My life is an open book, but I am not going to read it to you. Having said that, my eye is focused, firmly, on the cross, I’m convicted by my faith.


I saw, and experienced, a lot of backstabbing; unprovoked-wickedness, in 2014 from some very, closed-knit, I-thought-were friends, whom, If I told the world, what they did, or do, people will struggle to believe me. It’ll ruin a lot of fantasies for some. It might even spark of WW III, God forbid. Some people are conditioned, socially, religiously; even politically – dogmatically. The basis of humanity, is often lost in the array of self glory, pursuits for a better life.

So, I say to thee, bring it on, 2015. I’m a ready for you. Like I keep saying, money don’t buy you class. You can’t love money and love God. You are going to love one more than the other. God is love to me – and that comes first.

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