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God Is Time = God Is Timeless = God Is Love = Love Is Limitless = Love Is Time = His Time Is Limitless ..’

That’s why no one has ever seen God, because he is everywhere, timeless, and limitless. Just like time :: just like God. If you move an object fast enough, it disappears. Does it mean it’s not there?

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction. Prov 1:7

Good day Social Media, Family & Friends. Jesus is the Son of God – At least, that’s where I stand …’ And, if you don’t believe we don’t have to kill each other. God Is Love*. Just want to be thankful, grateful and celebrate – life, at this point in time. God is good ..’ Wonderful miracles of mercies, I see, day after day. Thank You – God!

When I say, God reveals himself and speaks to me, in nos – skeptics, and religious fanatics, roll their eyes ..’and stick up their nose. I had a conversation with God today, searching my heart, after all those years of mental abuse and frustrated, un-explained reasons for unprovoked hatred from a certain group of people.

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Then I found the answers, in thanksgiving, gratitude, love and forgiveness. So decided to accept all my friend requests, included – from, some of the perpetrators, I’ve known – way, way, way, back, that I vowed never to speak to, or see again, as seeing them, reminded, me of the evil they did to me as a child.

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But this that happened after is shocking. My friends totalled – exactly 1,400, and all the new friends I accepted were exactly 70. Is this a co-incindence or what? Have a great day (time); what ever you do, but, remember what I say to you about Love*.

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