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Who Is a Friend?

“A friend is some one who does not stab you in the back, when people are bitching, or back biting about you, or other people in your company. For, be rest assured, when you leave, they are doing the same about you ..”
God Is Love2 -
Learning to forgive, totally, is a big exercise and curve for me. But, Jesus has not made this exercise an easy one, when he says the Lord’s prayer that way. For to receive – you must give …’
“Father forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those that trespass against us”

How Do You 

Oh dear. The art of letting go. Sounds like a song Mariah wrote. I do love me a bit of, some, Mariah. I stay in Love*. I guess that’s the punch line. If you don’t stay in love you’d loose your mind. I’m talking about, loving myself (oneself), unconditionally. Love is that art your master over time. My friend is love. Not hate! When you surround yourself with people who feel, think, act like you –
God Is Love -
then it becomes a way of life. Given freely, it unburdens totally. I’ve seen many a time, when I’ve tried this and it’s been a total liberation. People are fickle. Some come N’go. Some folks blow like the wind, where ever it blows. It’s like the only thing they know. No roots. No core. No purpose. As long as you remain focussed and locked on loving, love, itself. You’ll be so much happier. You become a mirror – a reflection of what people want to be. That’s how you become more of love, and you’ve probably guessed, what I am going to say next – yes – ‘God Is Love’. As long as you remember Jealousy is the root of hatred – the dot’s connect.

When do You

You know your friends by what they do and not by what they say. My lawyer always told me, if coca-cola told you whats inside it, would you still drink it. I guess the same is for fast foods. I tell you, I watched a program once how sussages were made, and was grossed out, like I’m never eating that stuff again.
My friend is love. Not hate! When you surround yourself with people who act, think, drink, feel like you – sometimes, it could be a combination of these factors that bring you about the sense of security you need to keep nurturing your friends. Folks who back down, due to peer pressure, are weak people. They tend to be followers not leaders. You want leaders like you. People who challenge you. People who inspire you. People who are strong like you. Not people who are weak like you.

Where do You

Kind of have mentioned this earlier in a round about way like a broken record. The first place is in the mirror. If you can’t see them there, then its a long a walk, to freedom. Honestly, until you can behold your own reflection without phase, you aren’t ready to add value to someone else’s life.
The final words of the wise often shape our destiny. Hope this will be piece’s of a long puzzle unfolding over time in your own mind. When children make babies how can they know any better, invariably without fail? There is nothing arguably more worse in life, than to have, friends who don’t tell you the truth …’ You need to run the hell away from those.

Why Do You

Friendship is a beautiful thing. When the basis is lost, it’s devoid of life. A loving friendship is the basis of all relationships. Unfortunately, money can’t buy it. That’s why we must try to find it in all the real and right places. The price of love is freedom, let nobody put a tag on it. When your mind is unchained you would begin to see it. Freedom is free.
Friendships that are based on co-pendency can be good, but also pivotal to a quick spiralling downfall.  Pain, it’ll cause, when you can’t stand on your own two feet. Mercy! But, gain it’ll yield when you do learn to stand on your own two, reinforced by amazing healthy loving friendships around you. Jesus is the Son Of God. As for me, I run to him. He is the rock and mother of all friendships – to me. It’s a whole lot more fun when you have a friend that’s independent of all the creative madness that the joy of bullshit and blackmail can bring.

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