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Why would you listen to – Jealous – Proud – Arrogant – Bitter – Twisted – Self Professed Anointed – People who think God only speaks through them ?

Like I said, or say :: God can speak through a stone – never mind me or you! Ask Balaam. Ask Saul. Ask Jonah Ask Moses. Ask the two thieves nailed side by side with Jesus on the cross? Usually, my statuses start with a slight ramble, from a pre-emted status of another someone, having their own ramble (a dig). Then a full blown row – often erupts, on here – with no one but with Team MG.

A pity party of bullies is not want I want to start here, or bash anyone, differing – to what I believe true – cuz my gut tells me so. I rather want to highlight a decaying truth, that ravishes the need to be free-er from their lies. Those unholy sods that are so good and are never wrong!

God is a spirit. Limitless. Love. Undeniable. Unquantifiable. Ancient of days and Invincible. We are only his image but not God and God made things Great and small, all to be loved by all – the same way, regardless, of status, power, position or circumstances. I was thinking today – why do some church ministers, have so much money and worldly possessions, that they could never ever exceed, yet their parishers (some) are so poor that they get fleeced our of their pennies to give to their own empty wallets. Sounds like, unfair to me! Or is that not the case? Capitalism in the name of God. Wao.

To be continued …

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Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest :: is a Jazz, Soul-R&B Award Winning Indie Singer-Songwriter, Author, Producer & 7X Multi award winning & nominee artiste :: No1, 49+ Weeks – Jazz Charts (Reverbnation). ::
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