MercyfulGrace Blog Diaries with ‘Justin Bieber’ – RACIST CITATIONS, WHY? :: ::

:: There is nothing above love …’ Ditto* ::


Very offensive and drawing the black race back another 200 years. A genius mastermind by his handlers, for great publicity or total victim of society. However, he is a terribly naive little white boy from canada – if none of this makes sense …’

Can someone explain why this is allowed?



So would black entrepreneurs be too scared to admit to this for the sake of the backlash on their businesses. I mean. Come on.


Bieber is minded by black folks commercially. If someone not influential as Bieber did this sadistic video, would they too get away with it? Or would this be okay now, if a kid on the street, or on a play ground made such video? Would they say ‘Oh Bieber said this, and his minders said he didn’t mean it – so, let’s follow in his foot steps’ ::

There is a need for dialogue on this one. Why this is allowed, cuz it’s not okay! Where do we draw the line. Pure Naivety or Just down right insensitivity. Or are we watching something really sinister here to a greater degree?

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