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Did you think – Jesus Did Not Send out Good Vibrations – when demon’s and their agent’s told lie’s on him, mockingly up to a point of crucification. Or do you think Peter was Godless when he denied Jesus 3 Times prophetically? :: image It just cracks me up when people reiterate the old school thought that you are what you attract. Not at all (in every case) ..’ The same school of thought that once believed the overtly word used, ‘I’ personified, is a nassasistic, egotistical approach to social cohesion now believes (understands) – the notion ‘I’ (used in that sense) – shows someone who is taking responsibility* for their own actions in a dissected sense; differs no less to this notion in my view.


The devil has many faces and will do anything to oppress the truth! Historically, Delilah was a very good tool and so was Judas! It’s very easy to pass the blame in a we context. I think it takes more courage to stand on your two feet responsibly than hidden in the shrouded light of we. image However, I don’t deny the power of we in the right context, and vice versa. Believe me, it takes more strength to admit defeat and cry out for mercy! Balance might prove to be the operative word here, nevertheless – I’m not afraid to say ‘I’. Largely, in the in-ordinary sense – Those who believe in Love*, the highest of it’s form and glory, accept that it’s strong enough to guide you through, even when you are standing all alone – Because :: image

“Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world. 1 John 4:4(KJV)”

image image I’m a tell it to Jesus* – infinitely – daily till I’m blue in the face ..’ Ain’t nothing wrong with Hope* – If it’s in Love* and even better if it’s :: Through Christ Jesus* :: Give me that Hope* any day of the week ..’

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