MercyfulGrace Blog Diaries with Bonnie – Music, Fun & Men :: By Anthony Everest


Bonnie is a Singer Songwriter from London. I heard her playing and singing her song, ‘Loveable’ – on the open mic circuit a long time ago. Later, we became chums. She is a really cool cat.

Some men have been a little bit of a conundrum with Bonnie but she is a fighter and no dummy. Men tend to see her for ulterior reasons.The look of a player is always stern and earnest. Perhaps, because of her sweet, loving and affection. They tend to make her a target. However, through Christ we can do all things!


And with time, it’s been a closer fit and it’s even been more fitter than before, as time flew; and drew more wind a fresh of life coupled with fun memories her way. To being loveable. Nice to know you Bonnie :: Good Times; Bonnie. I think your new man is alright!

Closed doors lead to open doors. Never ever underestimate the power behind closed doors! ::

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