‘The Spirit of God’ – Does Not Lie


Confusion is always on the enemies lips! Un-confuse those lips! :: A spirit filled lip will do just that with the word of life guarded by a watchful tongue”

– Àrèmúorin

The day you look up to God – AND No one else – you become – FREE! Whose report would you believe? (Refs – Ishiah 53:1)

I think I stopped searching for validation and approval long time ago. Because Jesus didn’t need it – yet they nailed him but it didn’t stop him from ascending up to heaven – back to his royal throne, to dwell with his father. I am not Jesus – slow down, but he set a great precedent for believers.

imageThe spirit of God does not lie. So why would you care. I know we are human – and some times that FLESH – TAKES IT PART. BUT STILL – do they really matter! No! Hell to The No! ::

It’s a revelation of comfort when you have a revelation from God! :: I AM FREE! :: Isn’t it wonderful when God uses these no sense people – to reveal himself more. I’m just humbled – and grateful! Mercy!

Unhearing, negative talk – is so, the order of the day …’ 

And while I am not Jesus – his spirit abides and rest’s within me – because I believe in him. There is no name above his name. For me that’s my peace and that’s my truth! That’s my saviour and my love of all time!

A super Revelation to unravel. Imagine. Just Imagine – that wisdom as the depth of the sea – in loving realms ::

Many of my friends can’t understand why I am into Jesus so much. I can only say – it’s a revelation. When you’ve got it – you’ve got it! :: Jesus is not a Religion. Therefore, I am not religious – or subscribe to be. Jesus is not a church or a building. His essence is spirituality and love – Jesus is a way of life – exemplified by love and truths! ::
Words are powerful. You can tell so much about someone by just the way they speak. The tongue is one weapon – mercy, oh gracious – guard mine ferociously – for thy son’s sake. Mercy! ::
Àrèmúorin with Melanie Jackson 
(nicknamed her ‘Too Smart for Book’)

[Emptiness (Remix) the new single by Àrèmúorin Vs Anthony Everest, is out now on all major online Digital Retail – stores}

But – The saved one’s are the ones who are going to account even more (candidly) …’ Grace under pressure! :: Cuz where else would we find the truth, if not in Love* :: Lord – use me (us) graciously – Amen :: Mercyfulgrace

Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest is a Jazz, Soul-R&B Award Winning Indie Singer-Songwriter, Author, Producer & 7X multi award nominee :: No1, 49+ Weeks, Jazz Charts ::

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