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Anglo-Nigerian :: Jazz & Soul-R&B Singer-Songwriter, Performer & Producer :: Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest won TAM Best Soul-R&B EP in March 2013 – in Los Angeles, USA. It’s a testament to one who followed their dreams! Also, No1, 30+ Weeks – Jazz Charts (Reverbnation). imagePlayed some major live shows on stage,TV and on radio. Notably; he has headlined Festivals at the Indigo o2 and the famous Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club – where many amazing, icons and legends, have graced and shared their beautiful talents – from Jimmy Scott to Nina Simone. He has continued to express himself truthfully and kept close to his Gospel roots, Soul-R&B and love for Jazz idioms.

Has (written) over a thousand original compositions to his name and plays the piano.

Has agreed to join a UK Gospel Tour – with Gospel Rock Ministries, to share his testimonies and wonderful gift for music with the World.

I’ve survived a lot of adversities in my life, from Narcolepsy to Depression & Feelings on the outside. My faith and love for music gives me hope and a lot of scope to drive, and change someone else’s life, including mine; through music. This is why music moves me so much. Through it, I learn how to love & share this freedom.

Music and writing has helped me deal with adversity ruthlesslyA Torn LarynxNarcolepsy and Cataplexy has been a challenging Experience for me to live with, but my creativity gives me purpose, drive, healing, ambition, direction; and suddenly, life has a new meaning to me. One of, is to be, an Inspiration. They said I’ll never sing again – but I’m defying it so far!

My music is very multi purposed. Engaging, entertaining, romantic and very therapeutic to a wide varied audience, too. It’s found to be inspiring to some, with lots of soul, as it’s been written from many genuine, dark and bright memories

Some say, it helps them sleep or autistic kids, relax, according to a mother, of an autistic kid fan that I gifted my cd to. She said – he listens to my music/cd, every night, before he sleeps. This makes me genuinely, happily fulfilled, artistically. 

The first time, the kid saw me afterwards – he ran to me and hugged me intently with a bright beaming, big smile on his face. It reminds me always, to use my gifts well and not to be selfish with it, but gracious and thankful. 

When I recorded and wrote Follow Your Dreams, I was so frail, sick & weak. I was knocking on heavens door; near death and people, were laughing at me – saying it was over – but my faith and the Love Of God pulled me through!
Press Quotes!
“Anthony Everest’s original instrumentation, silky tenor voice and neo-soul style have an infectious, timeless quality that you can’t help but adore”- Tam Awards
“Unique! A Neo-Soul Asa.” – DJA Media 
“Exceptionally Original – Exceptionally Captivating” – Portobello Acoustic Sessions 
“Great Voice” Voice Of Africa Radio 
Very, Very Good – Ronnie Scott’s 
You are are going to be a star! – Jimmy Star Show,  USA

“Anthony is a dynamic performer whose sound is characterized by an hybrid of jazz vocals, blues beats and scatological rifts, indeed a soul singer with an acoustic twist” – Podium Magazine 

I learn from falling, then I rise, and rise, and rise again …’ Anthony Everest Music :: No1, 30+ Weeks – Jazz Charts (Reverbnation) :: Follow Your Dreams :: 


Anthony, is currently writing & recording a HOLLIDAY ALBUM – due for release next year. :: Youtube ::


Follow Your Dreams :: is currently available via iTunes.

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