Isn’t there enough to drink? – Àrèmúorin

‘For every one can of Coca Cola produced by coca-cola  there are 7 cans of water wasted – UNESCO’

MercyfulGrace LifeBlog diaries with – ‘POVERTY’ – WHY? :: ::

Fans have opened my eyes to a grave reality of the world we live in and I am thankful that my music and gifts can be a talent for an instrument of change and praise to the maker who endowed me mercifully without merit :: for a good cause. 

I think we are spoilt miserably in the west and just utterly ungrateful for what we have. We moan and complain about absolute trivial non-sense. 

Here are some pics from some of my fans :: what their lives are like ::: This is excruciatingly humbling! :: 

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