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So glad a creative from Hollywood has a mind of love like Shondrella. The glory of self righteous men is never the full glory of God. Smash this week and weekend with smiles – even, in the face of adversity ..’ Don’t let the enemy win, nor in !!! Boom! Have a super duper – funtastic one ..’

– Aremuorin

Food for thought!

“The THINGS that we worry about are things that we don’t fully surrender to God, money, Relationships etc. But IF we have “Faith,” to pray for the things, then we should have Faith, enough, to wait on deliverance.

WE do have a God that IS mindful of our situations. So WHY Panic? Simply PRAISE Him. Fear NOT, Believe Only! Gods People Cannot be depressed for to long…
WE should be Joyous! So, let things go quickly by Giving it to God, Not people. And GET Negative, unbelievers OUT OF YOUR LIFE! We’ve Got a 5 week Grace (5means grace) Period to work on eliminating negative thinking and everything else BUT God!”

Yesssss BOOM BISHOP! Sooooo many Nuggets in #BibleStudyClass #Gratitude #BethankfulforwhatyouGot  Wow.. – Shondrella Avery with Anthony Everest

ALL the clues are In Philippians 4:4-8 Powerful! Bless You Bishop Stephen Hamilton”.

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Written by Shondrella Avery (Actress – Los Angeles)

Produced by Aremuorin

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MercyfulGrace Blog Diaries with ‘Macy Gray’ – Phenomenal :: By Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest

The legendary Soul Singer Macy Gray wrote a play for Black History month, in California, Los Angeles; appropriately titled – PHENOMENAL.

{Hands – the new single, from the album ‘The Way’}

This was remarkable, as she used this platform to educate – black, white, asian and latin american communities the importance of their history – with a clear cultural awareness. The play was performed by school children who are just learning about life’s struggles, pit falls and triumphs.


Shondrella Avery – Los Angeles (Actress) with Àrèmúorin  ::

image Well done Macy! Thanks for the invitation & thanks to Shondrella Avery (Actress, USA) who was a good friend, and a supporter of Macy Gray’s work. image image image image

Phenomenal was a success and she rounded off the show by singing her classic – I TRY, acoustically, accompanied on a baby grand piano to the delight of a filled auditorium of public, parents, friends, families and the next generation of American Scholars, comprising of youths and young adults.

Production Crew / Producer / Choreographerimage

image image image image

Macy Gray has a new single and video titled – ‘HANDS’. 

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