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Was just watching this your winning performance here. You are such are diva*. A born to be diva and it takes one to know one.

So, I will say to you, don’t be afraid to be this person here, because, this is the real you. This is the person the people fell in love with (the British public). Everything else, aside, this person, is a deviation from the real you. The thrills, the fame, the money, the friends, the fans, the world – they mean nothing – without this real you; here.


I understand what you are going through – because once you have been in the presence of God (Greatness), nothing else compares. And sometimes :: God puts us through, hell; to recognise him, acknowledge and accept him.
We all need God. No one is, without God. The funny thing is that, we often forget that – he is the quintessential of our DNA and we always wonder why we can’t  always have it, our own way! But the real – honest truth is that. We live our 20’s and think we can have it all, till comes, a time, when something, has to give! :: Love* :: That’s what God Is Is* :: To those who know.
There is nothing above it. No mater how you play all the cards you are dealt. And; in the same breath – Forgiveness is Kind’. It’s the only thing that sets you free! ::
 Footnotes : Wikipedia ::
{A diva (/ˈdvə/Italian: [ˈdiːva]) is a celebrated female singer; a woman of outstanding talent in the world of opera, and by extension in theatrecinema and popular music. The meaning of diva is closely related to that of prima donna.
The male form divo exists in Italian and is usually reserved for the most prominent leading tenors, like Enrico Caruso and Beniamino Gigli. The Italian term divismo describes the star-making system in the film industry. In contemporary Italian, diva and divo simply denote much-admired celebrities, especially film actresses and actors, and can be translated as “(film) star”. An extravagant admiration for divas is a common element of camp culture.[4]}

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Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest is a Jazz, Soul-R&B Award Winning Indie Singer-Songwriter, Author, Producer & 7X multi award nominee :: No1, 49+ Weeks, Jazz Charts ::

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MercyfulGrace MusicBlog Diaries with Sam Bailey & Nicole Scherzinger – X Factor 2013 Finals :: ::

Sam Bailey sings And I’m Telling You with Nicole – Live Week 10 – The X Factor 2013. We thought the tune was about SAM NOT NICOLE ON XFACTOR! :: Got to be very careful who you let involved in your business.

Come on! That was over indulgent. She took all the glorious moments in the Song. Thank God we knew Sam Bailey could sing fantastically!

To be honest, we love :: Nicole – but, we don’t think this song was for her in this context. This performance was about Sam and not her. Perhaps she needed to prove a point! Who knows ..’

They could have done million of other songs in the whole wide world, but that one. A Diana Ross number or Mariah – would be fine etc

But to be fair – She sang that song out of the park! Still loving Nicole* :: 



Update :: Sunday Dec 15 2013,  22:00HRS ::

Congrats for Sam Bailey Winning Xfactor 2013 ::

Congrats :: Marvellous News !!! – Well done SAM BAILEY. May God be with you Always – never forget to put him first – as you do 🙂 Xx

May the Lord Almighty Bless You Abundantly

as you move into this new high season!

Much much much more Successes and Happiness.

Kudos to you !!!