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When life weaves it’s webs of deceit into our lives through, trepidation, insecurities and faithless out turns, its always a no surprise that some hide it well than others. Have been through many journeys but one thing reminds me constantly – Love is Always the key. Keep it moving.

MercyfulGrace Blog - Alex & John -

MercyfulGrace Blog – Alex & John –

No matter how far they fall from grace. This is the ace you keep up your sleeve. Human beings are fickle more than lightning. One minute they light up the sky – the next they stab you like a knife in the back so deep you could sleep for ever – never wanting to wake up to see day light again. My grandmother always says “If you close your eyes to every bad person walking by you would miss the good ones when they walk by ”. So true.


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You will eventually find out that – some people are only our lives for seasons, to take what they need, rightly or not. However, I have a revelation – those who have will always have – those who take will always take, cuz that’s all they can do. Spiritually, it’s a great blessing indeed to be able to give and give and give again – without need for want. In spite these desires to give or take, we have so much to be thankful and grateful for – behind every smile. Keep it moving ..’


But until, you know what it is to flash a genuine smile – you are at the mercy of taking and needing always. I holistically believe creativity through art truly creates a sense of well being and a portal for great art to flourish. This holistic approach gives its users and creators a sense of freedom of self expression and interpretation :: giving rise to a new meaning to life. Thus, everyone benefits innately, deeply, greatly beyond any medical jargon, farse or labels – on end!

:: Love Supreme Festival 2013 :: Zara Marcfarlane & Friends

“Manifesting a positive thought creatively; is empowering and liberating within. I’m not your physician. I’m just saying :: this is another school of thought, of an artiste, using art to get through the pain, to get through another day of broken, voices, thoughts and endless possibilities”.


To be able to capture the human essence through music, photography, painting, writing and etc – can be very literal to some, but to a many few who understand the, vibrations, sensations and feelings derived; on a closer look, with a different view – this can be very rewarding and life saving in many cases. Music has saved me from falling over the edge many times. Especially – the inspirational ones – that have come out of me from, deep, dark, turbulent places I once felt trapped in. Even when I feel – indescribable pain and sickness in my body – this is my amour!

Photo by @Aremuorin -

It’s almost as if a part of me was let out to objectify and remind me when that part of me is dying on the inside again. Not as straight forward as it seems, yet; can be a very powerful tool to keep you alive, well, and functioning. Need I say more. Keep it moving! And do the best you can while you can no matter how little or brittle you feel. Push for your best; even if it takes you a life time.
MercyfulGrace Blog
Nothing great was ever born out of an easy struggle. Some one laid down the hard graft with great foundations for the rest of humanity. We could talk of aviation, medicine, space adventure, classical music, alternative medicine or engineering. All these facets of our lives have taken a dream and notion for all these great outcomes. May Love Lead the Way :: Or what more can I say?

Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest, Street Musician & Laura Powers ::


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Have a very left winged view of life and it’s a deeply personal one. I rather have one friend than a million fake friends. Me, myself and I is all I’ve got, and so I be my own best friend. But as long as I know how to love, I’ll be alright. Hence why this bible scripture never leaves my heart always ::
Mark 12:31 :: 31The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.”

Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest is a Jazz, Soul-R&B Award Winning Indie Singer-Songwriter, Author, Producer & 7X multi award nominee :: No1, 49+ Weeks, Jazz Charts ::

MercyfulGrace Blog Diaries with ‘Ollie Locke’ – Meeting Ollie Locke :: By Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest :: ::

It was a night in town – proceeded to see an old friend at a gig. Literally walked past him as he smiled at me walking by. I’ve got this thing, where I pretend not to look at strangers, sometimes – when I’m a little bit apprehensive. You know that look. Ha ah. ah …’ I have a habit of staring too long; and too much, so I try my utter best to keep my cool and dignity in tact – mostly. Funny story really.

with ollie locke & oscar & aremuorin

Saw him first on Made In Chelsea, a few years ago. He resonated like a dream. Thought I was watching myself innately, except for the long hair. I knew inside – that was probably not the only found resonance. A thing I adopted, later – for a summer, and a while. He captured me from the onset and I got hooked, on the program, the story line’s and that poor girl ‘Gabriella’.
Love is a crazy thing – it makes you do some crazy things ..’ MIC is definitely ‘incestous’ to say the least, according to Spencer Mathews – famous line. So, anyway – back to Ollie. For some reason – someone at the time – proceeded to introduce us, as by this time –  he sat next to me at the same table and I was still keeping my cool. That cool! yea.h ..’ I was zoning in my own world trying to figure things out in my own head. Must have been one of those half awake moments.

Ollie, Alexandra Burke, Oscar, Birthday Boy & Àrèmúorin

Later on – when it clicked – I was hysterical, uncontrollably; I’ll never forget. It was one of those profound moments. That dose not often, happen to me. He had to walk up and down in my view – to make me calm down. All the memories of seeing him for the first time – flooded back, frame by frame. I feel embarrassed – slightly now, looking back. OMG! Wao. I later apologised repeatedly – once we settled in to chatting and him showing me his new iPhone  – that had a messaging tech problem – I couldn’t fix :: we became more acquainted.

And – they came like butterflies – Like a Honey to the Bee ..’

As the night ended and those who had work the next day left – we went on to party the night out at Mahiki. I was still glued to my photo’s that I took earlier of everyone in high spirit’s – while he and every one else who came along – went on to drink themselves stupid. And yea, the girls – they came like butterflies. Like honey to the bee. Could easily get accustomed to this. Unfortunately, I don’t drink, nor smoke – so I remained the boring one in the bunch. But it gave me perspective and reasons to celebrate life. Difficult for me for medical reasons – but I tried to blend in for a while before I left for home.
Was going through my photo album this morning and found this picture. With a little help and luck :: you are now reading this and sharing in this memory with me. Isn’t it wonderful when we make the most of life ..’ I’m just saying – ‘Make It Count’ :: Mercy! Most  nights before I sleep – I ask myself – what if tomorrow never comes? Then, I pray like it is. May my soul; God – you keep.
To have seen so many light and shades from evil to kind all wrapped in one. :: I have come through many trials and temptations. Evolved through, fire and rain – pained and gained a whole lot of new meaning to life. Through it all, I stand corrected in Love*. Firmly rooted, grounded in its stead.
Many passing, fancy, pansy thrills, come and go – to taunt you with the pressure of lying down and rolling over in a cut throat showbizy industry, where the commodity of cheap fame, is back stabbing and greedy grabbing. Love has become so endearingly rear. An ever constant quest that would make the weak strong and stronger faint, sometimes. Still, I know who I am.
Until the music and faith dies in me, then will I stop – Singing, Writing, Living, diarising every moment to the fullest – Like I do :: When I see realness, I embrace it with all my heart and soul. I rise to it and take a great good look with detailed spiritual mental notes; for when I remember – should I forget.
Stuck in time that’s not mine …’ I live in “THE MOMENT”. Every breath – every second. Cherishing the gifts given. Wisdom, knowledge, the power of loving & understanding.  You’d be surprised how much hope and dreams can avail some else’s life – to make their existence easier just to make it through another arduous day.
How can people be so self righteous to think, they hold the license to judge other people. Now, if we were to take a microscope to delve into your so called perfect Life; what would we find? Uhm?
‘A Xtain is nothing but a beggar who found the bread who ought to show another beggar where he found the bread.’ – Bishop TD Jakes :: ‘Many people are smiling but they are not genuinely happy’ – Lurin Cato :: ‘Sometimes some people don’t want to see the truth, but that is the truth’ – Àrèmúorin ::
For Believers – Christ is the Hope & Glory for all. God’s love is :: ‘an eternal sunshine’ of Joy! Jesus asks us to come to him – for if we are heavy laden :: he will give us rest :: Nobody comes to the father except through him. That’s the faith of the believer. A Christ-like believer. I don’t know what Ollie believes in, but it’s worth sharing what I believe in. Some people, share material things from cigarettes to, lovers and sorts. Why not Faith.

Redemption by @Aremuorin

Imagine – you had the chance to do it all over again with that one person you may never see or meet again. Would you share that one thing you cherish most above all other things – with that stranger; or that new friend ..’  I would. I’m not talking about cigarettes, clothes, lovers or alcohol. I’m talking about Love*.  God Is Love* and he loves us very much. Even you and I. It’s only a question of faith. ::  Ever since I did, I never looked back on this faith. The party always comes to an end. Not this one.

Shine like you’ve never shone before

When everything else fades, this one truth remains. :: An Unrivalled :: Undivided – Love* :: This eternal life is the Love of God no one can never take away from you (us), forever and ever. The Greatest thing about the Grace of God is that :: this Salvation & Redemption is not an exclusive privilege – its freely given :: AMEN ::
“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him, shall not perish; but have eternal life” John 3:16
{Special Thanks to – @zoeivmist and every one else who has contributed or helped on this post. Much Love*}
:: “So much work to do, so little time to do it!” ::

Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest is a Jazz, Soul-R&B Award Winning Indie Singer-Songwriter, Author, Producer & 7X multi award nominee :: No1, 49+ Weeks, Jazz Charts ::