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Until all whites (& blacks) in places of privilege, or power, to effect change; call out all the racist white supremacists, on their evil antics, towards blacks and minorities when notified, repeatedly, I won’t respect you (See Marcus Fox).

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If you love antiquated cultural narratives of denial and ‘White Jesus’ prejudices, remove yourself from my posts. Am too woke for that dim witted lie ..’ – Aremuorin

Here is a deeper analysis on Jesus (Yeshua):

He appeared to Mary Magalene first after resurrection according to the bible, before ascending to his Father in Heaven.

Isn’t that the ultimate love and showance of loyalty to another human? A whore.

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Now, call me crazy. The bible is bias, misogynistic culturally; and not the whole truth, narratively, on redemption.

If you die for humanity and rise again, & your first appearance is to the whore. I think it’s pretty clear who your besty is when you are Jesus Christ.

Jesus needed 12 disciples. 3 were his friends, 1, a right hand man & his best friend was none of them. His best friend was a whore.

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This is why they removed the book of Mary Magdalene from the bible.

No wonder why God told me he would use me to write about him …’ – Aremuorin

I heard and recieved him clearly.

Being nice is not enough in show business; or in life generally. You need gut instincts that are apt and fine #tunned ..’ – #In14ways


Dear God, remove my enemies, from my path, less you make mockery of them with your wrath, through my gifts, mercilessly ..’

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For, I shall burn them up in the spirit; to the ground, by your will, if it be !!!!!!! David needed just five stones to take out goliath.

My trophies are not made of earth. They are made of love. Safe away from thieves, swindlers & moths.

God is love but love is not a door mat ..’

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By Aremuorin

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MercyfulGrace Diaries with Jesus’s Best – ‘Friend Was A Whore’.

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I remember Mary Magdalene and Jesus. A perfect marriage. A perfect relationship. The perfect friendship.

When Jesus saw her, he knew he saw the truth, and when Mary Magdalene (the whore), saw Jesus – she knew – she saw the light. Love lit the way. 

Deep truths! Because, ‘The truth is always, in love’. The truth, and the light, became one. Mercy! Thats why, I remind them – Jesus’s best friend, was a whore. 

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I really don’t do church, anymore as I have not found a church, yet; where, my spirit feels comfortable, or like. Too many churches, are too busy being hateful, wallowing in their own vomit of self-righteousness – and condemnation. That’s why the most of them are littered with emptied pews – because of their irrelevance, and out of touchness. Besides, I don’t need it. I rather flick on youtube and watch T.D. Jakes instead – all day, if I wanted to. 

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Folks like them, were Jews’ – who murdered, Jesus – a Jew – in the name of religion. What hypocrisy! But thats exactly what God used to take his Glory. I’m interested in churches where they know the word. The word means God, and God, means Love* ..’ 

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If it’s not about loving – you can keep it moving. Nobody owns love, and nobody has a monopoly on God. Freely it was given. That’s why God is not narcissistic. God is Freewill – Love*.

He’s graces are there for every one to own, or come into. Thank God for Jesus. Imagine – Gods Loving Graces depended on me and you – Mankind! What – hell that would be? That’s why Jesus is the Head of the Church. And if he aint’ there – I won’t be there. 

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I rather, hang in a brothel (a whore house) and sing about the love of God, telling the story of Jesus – to every ‘Mary Magdalene, there’ – and her clients – too! That’s ministering.

This is why God is Love* and his Amazing Grace is revealed, through Jesus. Amen. Now, that’s what love would do.

Hey, Jesus – don’t pass me by! “I’ll go to the rock, the builders rejected.


Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest is a Jazz, Soul-R&B Award Winning Indie Singer-Songwriter, Author, Producer & 7X multi award nominee :: No1, 49+ Weeks, Jazz Charts :: 


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